Opinion: Origin of and cure for HIV/Aids Part 10 of 10

Aids cure 10Final publication in series Origin of and cure for HIV/Aids as described by Dutch scientist  Prof. Johan van Dongen , including an overview of and links to parts 1-9.

By Frides Laméris, Netherlands – In this series of 10 short articles we have tried to give our readers a taste of the content of two important Dutch books written by whistle blower  and ex-university professor Johan van Dongen, who in his active career was a successful and internationally renowned animal micro surgeon. These books are:  ‘Pleading for the ape’, the truth behind HIV/Aids and other infections (1997) and HIV/Aids, the greatest crime in medical history (2003).  All the articles have been published  in the opinion-section of Shout-africa.com. Parts 1 and 2 click here –  have given some insights into mass vaccinations as to being the root cause of the man-made HIV/Aids problem, especially valid for the continent of Africa.  In publications part 3 here and part 4 here, we have started to describe some of the suppressed HIV/Aids medicines as listed by Van Dongen in his second book, a list composed after  careful research.  In parts 5 here and part 6 here we have made an excursus (outside the work of van Dongen) to describe the bad science behind the highly health damaging antiretroviral treatment approach to HIV-HIV/AIDS, as propelled by main stream medical (allopathic) science.   In part 5 we presented the view on the highly fatal antiretroviral AZT (zidovudine) by the very solid and highly acclaimed AZT- scientist Adv. Anthony Brink from South Africa ( for Brinks Treatment Information Group, please see his website www.tig.org.za).  Part six in our series highlighted some very worrying observations  on antiretrovirals by the English investigative journalist Mrs. Janine Roberts, well known from her highly critical book on vaccines and HIV/Aids  Fear of the Invisible (For Mrs. Roberts website, please go to: www.sparks-of-light.org). In parts 7 here and part 8 here ( ……we continued the remarkable listing by Van Dongen of a number of suppressed HIV-HIV/AIDS medicines which for reasons unexplained have been put out of use by medical, industrial and governmental agencies.  In publication nine (link…) , finally, we have seen how Johan Van Dongen has given some suggestions as to what to do and not to do in the treatment of HIV/Aids, suggesting the careful use and application of many of the beneficial substances he has described earlier  in his book.

To the great pleasure of the author of the present articles, Professor Johan van Dongen has contacted him during the writing of these articles, congratulating him with the rendering of his critical writings on HIV/Aids on this website, applauding the good work in spreading the message of hope for a natural cure of HIV/Aids to people around the world.  Johan van Dongen has also started to write elaborately on Shout-africa.com now himself . Van Dongen, having become a whistle blower already early in his research career, has not yet received the honors for his writings on HIV/Aids that are due to him. So much fraud and deceit is being perpetrated by the medical, industrial and governmental authorities worldwide in the field of HIV/Aids , that all those who report truthfully on the origins and cure (s) for HIV/AIDS have been having hard times, some having been even kicked out of their professions, or worse, killed and murdered. Now the year 2011, sees the rise of Truth in the world as even whole countries stand up to peaceful or violent revolutions (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, to mention a few) in order to get rid of dictatorship and tyrannical rule. Wherever the tyranny of dictatorship is being felt, be it on the governmental, medical, economical, industrial or whatever level, the creative actions of the peoples of the world, awakening to more of their potential, are changing the destiny of time and bring forward true knowledge and information. At this specific moment of writing the horrific state of the HIV/Aids pandemic as described by van Dongen and other critical scientist in their books seems only to be matched by the apocalyptic nature of the horrors caused by the nuclear disaster of the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

The author of this series of articles likes to thank the editors of Shout-Africa.com for their willingness to accept these highly critical articles on their website. Apart from the view on the origin of and the cure for HIV/Aids as proposed by Johan van Dongen,  I am aware many more authors haven now come forward to bring hope for the many millions of HIV/Aids sufferers in the world by providing some type of cure. By googling one can easily find the state of the art of the approaches to cure HIV/Aids anno 2011. Among them one also finds offers from natural healers, like the one that was recently made public on Shout-Africa.com : http://www.shout-africa.com/top-story/tanzania-it-is-claimed-a-cure-for-HIV/Aids-has-been-found-in-loliondo/.


Nobel laureate Linus Pauling
Nobel laureate Linus Pauling

Many more things could be said of course on possible cures for HIV/Aids. I would like to highlight one : the usefulness of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and other nutrients for curing hiv-HIV/Aids. It was already the great American scientist and twice Nobel laureate Linus Pauling (1901-1994) who did some research into the possible usefulness of vitamin C for HIV/Aids. His 1988 book (co-written with Ewan Cameron)  The HIV/Aids disaster unfortunately was not published. More about his views can however be known from the following website:  http://paulingblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/linus-pauling-vitamin-c-and-the-HIV/Aids-crisis

Very good work on this topic has also been  done  by the research group connected to the German vitamin scientist Dr. Matthias Rath (who has also worked with Pauling) who successfully experimented with the application of supplements and nutrients to HIV-patients  in the  South-African township Khayelitsha  in the cape Flats of Cape Town in 2005. A well known researcher into a natural cure for HIV/Aids that has been co-working with Dr. Rath is Dr. R.J. Jariwalla  (http://www4.dr-rath-

Dr. Luc Montagnier
Dr. Luc Montagnier

foundation.org/THE_FOUNDATION/the_truth_about_arvs/biography_jariwalla.html).  Here are some more links to Dr. Rath’s HIV/Aids research: http://www.cqs.com/winningwaronHIV/Aids.htm; http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/NHC/researcharchive.html#HIV/Aids; http://www.dr-rath-foundation.org.za/ (related to situation in South Africa).

Very spectacular we may also call the recent stand taken by the French 2008 Nobel laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HIV/Aids-virus.  He now also advocates a completely natural cure for HIV/AIDS! In an interview for the HIV/Aids-documentary “House of Numbers’(for video, see http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/videos/montagnier_interview.html) he recommends the application of nutrition and micronutrients in the fight against HIV/HIV/AIDS.

In the interview he states that here are many ways to decrease the transmission of HIV/AIDS just by making use of simple measures such as nutrition, providing  antioxidants, taking hygienic measures and fighting at the same time the other infections that are present in the patients. He also states that if one has a good immune system the body can get rid of HIV naturally, confirming by this statement that HIV/Aids is NOT at all an incurable disease. So the emphasis, especially for poor African patients, should be the building up of the immune system, making it possible to get rid of HIV by proper functioning of the natural defense system of the body itself (N.B. therefore NO antiretrovirals and/or vaccines!) Montagnier declares that all the above mentioned measures constitute very important knowledge which unfortunately has been completely neglected up till now.

Of course many, many more scientists and lay researchers deserve credit for their contributions in the field of natural treatment of HIV/Aids. We like to close off this series by referring to a book which brings out several new aspects of a possible HIV-cure:


The cure for HIV and HIV/Aids
The cure for HIV and HIV/Aids

It has been written by Dr. Hulda Clark (see: http://www.curemanual.com/diseases-and-tweaks/HIV/Aids/ , entitled The cure for HIV and HIV/Aids.

I would like to end this series of articles by expressing the hope and desire that many more ways to cure HIV/AIDS may  be found soon and shared with those millions of people who are in urgent need of treatment and cure throughout the world.

Frides Laméris, Zuidlaren, Netherlands frideslameris@gmail.com