Afro-Pop, Rap and R&B Musicians Promote Healthier Diets—through Beans

KIGALI, Rwanda, November 10, 2014/ — Rwanda’s top musicians are promoting better nutrition and health through a catchy new music video that was released today ( The song extols the nutritional benefits of new high-iron beans that are now available in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda.  Almost 40 percent of children in Rwanda do not get enough iron in their diets. In severe cases, this can lower their IQs and learning capacity, resistance to disease, and energy levels.  Beans are a traditional staple food and eaten every day. These new iron beans contain 15 percent more iron than ordinary beans, and... Continue Reading

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Clickatell underpins electronic payment technology in Rwanda

The world’s first bank-grade managed service for mobile money was launched over the last year in an agreement between Visa and the Government of Rwanda. This mobile money platform allows Visa to host and manage all aspects of the mobile money program on behalf of the Bank of Kigali and Urwego Opportunity Bank, through Clickatell’s mobile technology solutions. Clickatell, a leading African mobile enablement company, was selected to provide the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) facilitation services. The agreement makes use of mobile technology to benefit those under-served by existing banking infrastructures. Currently, 77 per cent of Rwanda’s population remains unbanked.... Continue Reading

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IGN France International will lead a round table discussion about land administration issues in Africa

The Geospatial World Forum will be held on April 23- 27, 2012 in Amsterdam and will bring together the geomatic field’s most influential decision-makers (mapping agencies, institutional decision-makers, image and equipment providers…) and the user community. On this occasion, IGN France International will preside the session dedicated to land administration issues in Africa. The land issue is at the heart of agricultural policies, land use planning in urban or rural areas, management of natural resources and economic development. Africa is increasingly aware of the underlying economic and social issues related to this topic and is beginning to see the need... Continue Reading

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ICTR: Closing Arguments made in Gregoire Ndahimana’s Case

Closing arguments have been presented in the case of Gregoire Ndahimana, former Mayor of  Kivumu  in Kibuye prefecture. On Wednesday, 21 September 2011, the Prosecution prayed for his conviction and imposition of life imprisonment while the Defence, on Thursday 22 September 2011, prayed for dismissal of his case and his acquittal. The  arguments  were  made  before  Trial  Chamber  III  composed of Judges Florence   Rita   Arrey,   presiding,   Aydin   Sefa   Akay  and  Bakhtiyar Tuzmukhamedov. The Prosecution argued that evidence has been presented to prove that the accused  played  a pivotal role in the commission of crimes... Continue Reading

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Rwanda: The Appeals Chamber Hears Oral Arguments in the Ntawukulilyayo Case

The  Appeals  Chamber of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for  Rwanda, composed of Judge Carmel Agius, presiding, Judge Mehmet Güney, Judge  Liu  Daqun,  Judge  Andrésia Vaz, and Judge Arlette Ramaroson, today heard  oral  arguments  in  the  appeal lodged by Dominique Ntawukulilyayo, former  Sub-Prefect of Gisagara in Kibuye Prefecture. Ntawukulilyayo was on 3  August  2010  convicted  and  sentenced  to  25 years in prison by Trial Chamber III. The  Trial  Chamber  found him guilty of genocide under Article 6(1) of the Statute for ordering, as well as aiding and abetting, the killings of Tutsi civilians at Kabuye hill, Butare prefecture, in... Continue Reading

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