New ICT solution for Zambia

Developing countries like Zambia encounter limitations in as far as the provision of a robust information communication technology (ICT) platform, making the conduct of business, especially with external markets a difficult task. This is where reliable, efficient, effective and innovative 24/7 connectivity becomes a ‘must have’ in today’s competitive marketplace. When communication flows like clockwork, the conduct of business becomes an easy task and success is attainable.

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Zambia: Lusaka prodigy Shingongo releases debut

Jeromy Shingongo

After years of polishing his talent in the shadow of top billing artistes long time backing vocalist then a Lusaka prodigy Jeromy Shingongo has released his 10track debut album ahead to be officially launched in March next year. Titled, It’s my time, project feature many young and lesser known gospel stars who are backing the natural emergency of Shingongo on the Zambian music scene.

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Zambia: Zoona follows in Google footprint


Zambia's leading independent mobile money transfer Zoona has emulated world leading technology companies namely Google and Facebook by launching what has become the country first ever employee share option plan (ESOP). Through ESOP, Zoona has reserved at least 13.7percent of the company share for its employees. The reserved shares are worth at least $8million with prospects of appreciating in value as the company continues expands into new markets. Zoona launched in 2009 by Zambian born brothers, Brad and Brett Magrath, as a start up.

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Zambia an attractive mining destination

Zambia Mining

Director of the annual Copperbelt Mining Trade Expo & Conference (CBM-TEC) Nicole Smith, says Zambia is an attractive mining destination which enjoys overwhelming support from government. In a statement Smith stated that despite metal prices hitting a five and half year low this year, the country's mining industry received a relief through royalty tax rate alteration, which saw the industry floating at a par level, for business to continue without extensive constraints.

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Dangote Cement opens in Zambia

Dangote Industries cement

The $420 million Dangote Industries cement plant in Masaiti on the Zambian Copperbelt was commissioned by President Edgar Lungu on August 4, 2015 at a ceremony also attended by Nigerian vice president, Professor Yemi Onsibajo.

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