A comment on polio suffering in Republic of Congo, as recently reported in Shout-Africa.

By: Frides Laméris, Netherlands – While much suffering is going on in Congo due to a recent outbreak of polio, few people realize that this suffering of the many polio victims, may be partly due to the vaccination campaign itself. Congo is a country which has an unfortunate history with this disease and polio vaccination campaigns.

Already in the late fifties of the previous century the Polish-American scientist Hillary Koprowski, rivaling with Jonas Salk and Bruce Sabin in developing an effective polio vaccine, invented by mistake a polio vaccine, that caused some hundred thousands of Congolese people to become sick and/or die.

Now with regard to current polio vaccination campaigns in Africa and specifically now in reference to Congo, some possible benefits of the polio vaccine have been vastly overshadowed by the following facts. Polio vaccination with OPV (oral polio vaccine) has, unfortunately, probably caused several million of polio cases around the world over the past five decades. The phenomenon that vaccines can cause the very disease they should protect against, is described in the scientific health literature as VAP (vaccine induced paralysis). Sometimes it is also called provocation polio. While massive polio vaccination campaigns have been going on, involving vaccination of an innumerable number of children around the world, fully incomprehensibly, organizations like e.g. WHO have lacked in taking any responsibility for the guidance of the estimated very high numbers of  vaccine-caused victims by these polio vaccination campaigns. How could such a huge ethical lapse have come into being?

Investigative journalist Mr. Janine Roberts from England has published in 2004 a revealing critical article on polio vaccination in the well known English magazine The Ecologist. (http://www.theecologist.org/investigations/health/268596/polio_the_virus_and_the_vaccine.html.

On her website www.sparks-of-light.org the article can be downloaded for free in 2 pdf’s.

Roberts has stated that in the USA, in the years 50, polio characteristics have been redefined by the authorities to cover up a disastrous failure of the first US polio campaign. In order to prove the public a steady decrease of polio cases in the statistics, polio cases were reported to virtually have gone down to zero in a few years, when actually the number of polio cases was rising!  Acute flaccid paralysis (afp), which is polio under the old definition, was reported to have risen to dramatically high numbers over the same period!

In 1962 this statistical fraud was reported to the American Congress by Dr Bernard Greenberg, then head of biostatistics at the University of North Carolina. He testified that infantile paralysis had increased by 50 % after the vaccine in 1957-1958 and by 80% from 1958-1959. He concluded that officials  of  the US department of health had manipulated the statistics  to give entirely the opposite impression. Up till today this fraud has been kept secret from the public and waits to be exposed for the benefit of all. It  may then become public knowledge that the polio vaccines have shown to be very dangerous and ineffective, the very opposite of the claims that were made by the pharmaceutical industry and the government. It also may show a different light on polio vaccination campaigns going on around the world right now.

When the Shout-Africa Congo report about polio mentions: “Since 2 December, the country has more reported cases of deaths from acute flaccid paralysis (afp)”, we may make the conjecture that the polio vaccination campaign in Congo has probably caused a number of polio cases that have been converted to afp. The polio definition, adopted by the WHO – following the American statistics, reported by Greenberg in 1962, makes this possible. (Another new name for provocation polio is aviral or aseptic meningitis which has also dramatically risen in the world over the past decades).

The sad and worrying truth now may be that polio – by worldwide vaccination campaigns – has been brought to all countries in the world – even to countries where polio was not found before.  Under the illusion of eradicating polio Big Pharma has sponsored and allowed the WHO through the Sabin Oral live Virus Polo Vaccine (OPV) to create an enormous number of vaccine caused polio victims around the world.

The Indian medical expert Dr. Omesh Bharati has spoken on this vaccine induced polio (VAP) in his own country India:

“Doctors in India have pointed out that polio eradication may be a chimera as unless poverty is eradicated and clean and safe drinking water is provided, the disease will continue to wreak havoc. On top of that the GOI has helped spread the disease with both mOPV and tOPV (undergoing clinical trials in India) which have spread cases of vaccine strain induced polio. The number of vaccine attributed polio victims in India is anywhere between 30,000 to 300,000 according to media reports. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has a figure of 85,000, up to 2005, in its website. Doctors have been “advised” to keep quiet on these issues for “the greater good of humanity”. Further reading is recommended on: http://www.whale.to/vaccines/bharati.html

And below is the critical message from a world renowned Dutch vaccine expert, Prof. Dr. Jaap Goudsmit. In 2009 he wrote a book (in Dutch), entitled ”Dreaming about vaccines”. He  states in the book  that eradication of polio will never succeed by using the Sabin oral polio vaccine in massive campaigns because it also causes new polio cases. He sees the money used in these campaigns as a sheer waste. Goudsmit: “The money, more than 1 billion dollar in 2009 and 2010 only, could be better used by fighting pulmonary infections or diarrhea in children.” The main suggestion by Goudsmit for an alternative approach is that a more safe inactivated poliovirus vaccine (Salk) should be used in the campaigns in order to stop the spreading of polio.

Several vaccine critics in the USA and Europe however believe the whole vaccination business around the world is tainted with huge financial and health fraud and unethical practices. The VAP-disaster described above is an infamous example of this fact. This may eventually lead to  complete loss of confidence of the public in vaccination. The recent worldwide fraudulent swine flu scam has shocked the confidence of many people AROUND in the reliability of the WHO to deal with their health properly. ( The eradication of polio in the world has turned out to be illusion and a shocking defeat of modern medical science. It may now be time to consider new ways to deal with health prevention and infectious diseases