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Sandoz invites young entrepreneurs to enter Sandoz HACk, a global competition to help solve healthcare access challenges

Sandoz, the Novartis generic and biosimilar pharmaceutical division, announced the launch of Sandoz HACk – Healthcare Access Challenge – a global competition to generate innovative ideas and solutions to help tackle some of the world’s most pressing healthcare access problems. The competition is open for entries until November 30, 2016. “We are seeing Healthcare costs increasing at a rate faster than inflation in South Africa, says Carel Meintjes, Commercial Excellence Head at Sandoz. “I am convinced that there are brilliant young minds with wonderful, innovative ideas on how to improve healthcare. We believe that Sandoz HACk will create the platform to voice these creative ideas which will ultimately help to improve access to healthcare in South Africa.”

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South Africa: How many more? #OrlandoShooting

For the record, this is not about #OrlandoShooting, this is about the ‘daily discriminatory shooting’ that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) community experience daily. The #OrlandoShooting is a reflection of the societies we live in, whether it’s in the US, South Africa or Brazil. Give me a chance to share my somehow selfish 2 Cents about the #DailyDiscriminatoryShootings from which the #OrlandoShooting finds it comfort. This comfort transcends geo-boundaries as best as we know them.

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Eastern Cape youth gather to eradicate abortion stigma

Twenty two years ago, South Africa attained democracy, which came with a bill of rights that was established to ensure that every citizen is treated fairly and has freedom of choice. However, with human rights like the choice to terminate one’s pregnancy still heavily stigmatised, even after nearly 20 years since it was legalised, are we entirely free? For a closer look into that matter, on Friday, 08 April ACTIVATE! Change Drivers will facilitate a community gathering, the ACTIVATE! Youth Imbizo, at the Nelson Mandela Museum in Qunu, Umthatha from 09h00 till 12h00. ACTIVATE! Change Drivers is a network of more than 1600 young change makers or “Activators” across South Africa who are finding innovative ways to transform their communities and the country as a whole. The Network connects these young people and equips them with necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in their respective efforts.

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South Africa: First-of-its-Kind Diabetes Technology Revolutionises Glucose Monitoring

Dr Cranston and the device FreeStyle Libre Pro launch

Abbott's FreeStyle Libre Pro System measures glucose levels continuously for up to 14 days through small sensor on the arm. According to The International Diabetes Federation, 1 in every 11 adults worldwide and up to 4½ million South African adults have diabetes. Furthermore, increasing longevity and the rising prevalence of unhealthy behaviours, including poor diet and lack of physical exercise, means that these figures are expected to rise dramatically in the future.

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