Ugandan entrepreneurs changing lives with the touch of a button

A spotlight will shine on the rising stars of Ugandan technology and education scene this year, as Kampala plays host to the eLearning Africa 2014 Conference later this month. A key focus will also be on those in the nation who don’t yet have the access and education allowing them to reach their potential. It is clear to Africa and the world that Uganda needs to generate more employment for its young people, 78% of whom are under the age of 30. In theory it is a desirable situation: a large youth population that is buzzing with energy and new ideas –... Continue Reading

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Sudan announces support for Uganda opposition ……

 and threatens to close Embassy in Khartoum – By Nangayi Guyson in Kampala, Uganda – Sudanese government announced that it is in preparation of closing Uganda’s Embassy in Khartoum and forming alliance with opposition groups in Uganda to topple president Musveni’s government. Sudan’s newspapers reported on Sunday. The speaker of the country’s national assembly Ahmed Ibrahim al-Tahir said that Sudanese government is working with forces in Uganda that are opposed to President Yoweri Museveni to bring about positive political influence to the country but did not mention which opposition groups or parties Sudan is working with. Uganda Foreign affairs Minister... Continue Reading

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Uganda Police issues a terror alert as….

…..5 suspected Terrorists sneak into the country. – By Nangayi Guyson in Kampala,Uganda – Uganda Police on Thursday issued a terror alert after it said in the statement that suspected Terrorists are planning to enter the country with the intent to carry out attacks. Deputy police spokesperson, Vincent Ssekate on Thursday released the names of the suspected Al Shabaab terrorists who are expected to have entered the country from Somalia. Police said “We have received information that five terrorists have entered or are about to enter Uganda”. The suspected Terrorists are in the names of ALI BALAM ADAN, NAM A.AMUR,... Continue Reading

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Regional Conference to Share Experiences on Land Information System Projects

17-18th January 2013 (Speke Resort, Munyonyo – Kampala, Uganda) The consortium in charge of the implementation of the Design, Supply, Installation, Implementation of the Land Information System and Securing of Land Records (DeSILISoR) Project in Uganda is organizing a regional land conference in January 2013 to share experiences on land information system (LIS) projects.  This regional land initiative will bring together key stakeholders engaged in the Ugandan project and representatives from development banks and prominent actors involved in land administration from across Africa and France. What are the main components of Land Information System projects? What are the key factors... Continue Reading

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Uganda: Regional conference to share experiences on land information systems projects

Uganda: 17-18th January 2013 Secure land rights are vital to the reduction of poverty in emerging economies and enhancing economic development. With the support of international development banks several African countries have initiated the implementation of land information systems. Existing initiatives clearly show that the land information systems projects are complex and require the attention of the highest authorities in charge of land issues. Many countries still lack adequate information on land issues and effective land administration systems. To help address this, IGN France International is happy to inform you that the international consortium currently engaged in the Design, Supply,... Continue Reading

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