Nigerian Writes The Trial of Robert Mugabe

Shout-Africa Reviews – Chielo Zona Eze’s debut novel is set in the African afterlife; Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, stands trial for the wrongs he has committed against his people in which the late South Africa nationalist, Steve Biko and the late Zimbabwean writers Yvonne Vera and Dambudzo Marechera are among the members of a divine jury helping God decide Zimbabwean President Mugabe’s fate. In the first half of the novel, four Zimbabweans share their story of how Mugabe’s tactics led to their death. In the second half, Yvonne Vera, an important Zimbabwean writer who is present at the... Continue Reading

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Visual Arts Scene in Lagos

By John Owoo – The Nigerian commercial capital Lagos never ceases to offer surprises to first time and regular visitors alike – it is alive and kicking – not withstanding a plethora of problems that confront it in all fronts – including development of the arts. Undeniably, in the midst of an ailing economy, chaotic and crowded streets, very little or no support from government and corporate bodies, one can find a group of dedicated and committed artists, arts activists and organizations who are determined to raise the level of the arts in Nigeria. Inspiring activities by these brave men... Continue Reading

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Nigerian star guitarist, Kunle Ayo joins Southern Pulse

By Shout Africa Correspondent The charismatic jazz guitarist Kunle Ayo, born of Yoruba parents in Lagos, Nigeria has joined South Africa’s leading booking agency Southern Pulse. The 2004 Kora Award winner’s (for Best Male Artist – West Africa) virtuosity with the strings has earned him several musical accolades and even comparisons, with giants of the contemporary school like George Benson, Earl Klugh and locally-based Jimmy Dludlu. His guitar work pulls at the heart-strings-soulful as it is cheerful, funky as it is jazzy. A dazzling live performer, Kunle was part of the 2006 Joy of Jazz Guitar Summit which included guitar... Continue Reading

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