Opinion: The Origin and Spread of AIDS. Burkitt lymphoma, Part 13 of 20

By Johan van Dongen,  s’Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands  – The World Health Organization in cooperation with the United States Government has administered retroviruses to children in Uganda which not only causes aids but also Burkitt’s lymphoma cancer.

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Since the end of the nineteen sixties the Epstein-Barr virus EBV together with retroviruses are deliberately inoculated in Ugandan children. There it leads to the death of hundreds of these children from Burkitts lymphoma BL. Well know is the fact that BL does not become more prevalent when immunosuppressive medications are administered. More importantly, it was found that the tumor could be cured by chemotherapy in a significant number of patients.

Findings of common tumor-specific antigens, combined with virological studies, indicate that BL is of viral origin. It is strange to say that this was the first human tumor to be subjected in history to intensive immunologic study. But it is very astonishing to see the fact that this tumor is largely confined to tropical portions of Central Africa.

Although it was found that the BL tumor could be cured by chemotherapy in a significant number of patients, its frequent occurrence among HIV patients only within the zone of Central Africa therefore is not caused by the HIV infection. In my opinion it is rather the result of genetic engineered manipulations and deliberate contamination of vaccines put into innocent children in Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the former Belgian Congo.

The investigation of Dennis Burkitt, the discoverer of the EBV virus, has shown that immunodeficiency can be achieved by translocation of the 8th chromosome to the 14th with genetic engineering techniques causing a constant chromosomal disorder. A cancer like BL is able to reveal when the capacity of the immune system or immune capacity is significantly suppressed by for instance mycotoxins. The BL tumor also acts when certain viral infections or stressful situations occur including general anesthesia and surgery where immune depression is involved. Therefore, BL tumors take three  routes to ensure its success:

*take advantage of lapses in immune capacity

*escape from immune control

*and suppress the immune response

Especially in Central Africa many of these lapses are unavoidable and most are not only transient. Moreover, the BL tumor have occasional opportunities to become established. Besides escaping from immunologic detection, BL can also fight back against an immune attack. As I have described before the internal regulatory balances of the immune system can be modulated by outside influence or environmental disorders by, as an example, spraying Yellow Rain containing aflatoxins or mycotoxins as has happened in Uganda and the former Congo. Therefore it is not so difficult to explain why the overall immune capacity of BL tumor bearing individuals is significantly reduced. And the enhancement of reducing the immune response can also be achieved by contaminated vaccines and toxic adjuvants to diminish the antibody response. Furthermore, as the latter situation is achieved, a systemic reaction will occur with symptoms like: fever, malaise, backache, and pain in the joints, accompanied by depression of monocytes; when the reaction is severe, toxic shock and dead may occur. Such individuals are also very susceptible for endotoxins, a material that can be made with artificial bacterial preparation.

Black skinned people with certain genetic backgrounds can be made unusually susceptible or even resistant to certain disease caused by all kind of microorganisms or tumors by controlling their immune systems. Scientists all over the world are able to induce unwanted immune responses in order to cause immunodeficiency on their kitchen tables. To prove the afore mentioned actions took place I would like to point to the findings of  G.W. Kafuko who wrote an article in the Lancet in 1972 called: Epstein Barr virus antibody levels in children from the West Nile District of Uganda. But the mentioned scientists didn’t work at the kitchen tables alone.

From 1954 till 1962 R. Lukes diagnosed lymphoma in a very large number of dogs in the biological warfare laboratories of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in the USA. In the majority of cases the same tissue changes, as occurred in BLin human beings, set in.Lukas also described a number of cases in dogs in the Veterinary Hospital in Pasadena, California USA. During the same mentioned periods of time the virus which causes BL is introduced deliberately into children in Uganda.

Really curious is the fact that in Zambia, Angola, Zanzibar and the former Rhodesia no children went down with the disease there, whereas they died in Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon and Kenya. What was particularly noticeable in the strong-point area of the West Nile District is that no children became afflicted in the immediate vicinity of the Kuluva hospital, which was run by US Americans; the same can also be said for the area surrounding the Albert-Schweitzer hospital in Lambarene, Cameroon. It is very clear to me that we are dealing with a local carcinogenic influence with a remarkably selective and local potency.

When in 1969 the USA Armed Forces applied to the USA Congress for funds to create biological weapons, they justified it as follows; “Within the  next five to ten years, it would probably possible to make a new effective microorganism which differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we dpend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.”

But what they didn’t tell the USA Congress  that they already succeeded in making the BL causing disease long before in animals in laboratories of the Veterinary Hospital in Pasadena, California USA, and within the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in the USA.

Dennis Burkitt and the Epstein Barr virus
Besides the Kaposi’s sarcoma was in the early sixties a different Lymphoma-like cancer among many Africans found. Quite remarkable this lymphoma was also found in aborigines in Papua New Guinea, the former Dutch West Irian.

Denis Burkitt, an Irish surgeon who was affiliated with the Makerere University College Medical School and working at Mulago Hospital in the Ugandan capital Kampala, conducted research on the incidence of these lymphomas and their geographical spread thing. He discovered that young children in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, affected by this remarkable tumor mainly manifested in the face. In the latter country had Burkitt’s lymphoma even account for half of all cancers. Further investigation revealed that the tumor followed the African malaria zone and is manifested mainly in lakes and springs. In a high altitude, above 1500 meters, no tumor was detected. Therefore it is suspected that the Burkitt cancer was spread by mosquitoes and cause a virus it was. Despite years of experimentation on animals have previously shown that viruses could cause cancer.

M.A. Epstein, C. I. Achung and Y.M. Barr knew from Burkitt’s lymphoma one could isolate the herpes virus, better known as the Epstein-Barr Virus EBV. This virus have been found in virtually everybody in Africa, because field research showed that 100 percent of investigated individuals had antibodies against the virus in their body, but patients who caught BL died very selectively in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. By a remarkable coincidence it was found later that the EBV only causes glandular fever in the rest of the world. This, frequently in Europe and the United States occurring relatively innocent ‘kissing disease’ appeared on an inexplicably way in Africa and Papua New Guinea, as the malignant Burkitt’s lymphoma connected to certain chromosomes of mainly black skinned people.

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