Origin and Spread of AIDS. The relation between cytomegalovirus CMV, Jewish people, children in Africa and Western Health Institutes, Part 11 of 20.

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By Johan van Dongen, Breda, The Netherlands – The Black African population were the first symptoms of a cytomegalovirus  CMV infection were seen in children appeared as influenza and measles infections, and most of them died one after another to their effects. That by pharmacological factories, military and other riffraff in experiments has been carried out in children is no longer surprising in accordance to my publications on Shout Africa.

Despite the fact that the degree of immunity in children is difficult to measure, you can assume that the immune capacity in children increases rapidly with age, then a sort of steady state appear and then butt-age declines again. Based on the above data it makes children much more susceptible to malicious experiments, which is why so many deliberately false vaccines are injected into children. On this phenomenon I shall return when discussing the emergence of Burkitt’s sarcoma in Africa out of the blue, a disease which in us, Westerners, just causes glandular fever.

You should know that the CMV virus normally is not reputed to be an epidemic causing microorganism. More surprisingly is to mention that, when the first deaths in Africa have fallen, after some time the relationship became increasingly skewed drawn. Obviously, there is people’s work in the game. And the statement of scientists who signed the same numbers as well as noticing the same discrepancy between black and white in 1973 is remarkable.


Retrospective study shows that especially the German pharmaceutical company Hoechst at the beginning of the last century, when the Germans still occupied Togo, performed experiments with arsacetin, a substance that is normally tested in animal experiments, was tested on black prisoners. The Germans used the blacks for the most sinister experiments and during or after the trial they die or at least were blinded until the effective dose was found.

It is therefore logical to me to take a look at the publications of those German criminals.  And so I read the articles of the Germans: R. Bernhardt 1902, Halle A. 1904; Ribbert and Jesionek 1904, Leder O. and Mann 1904; Loewenthal L.J.A. 1938, and of course subsequent publications during and after World War II to see where German, American and British scientists have picked up the thread, by for instance; Chabeuf  M. 1943; Aegerter E.E. 1942; Symmers D. 1941; Janssen H. 1955; Thijs A. 1957, Dupont A. 1951; Taylor J.F. 1972 and many others.

What strikes me most during this study is the fact to find the first Nazi-Jewish connection to the CMV virus by the German scientists Landman R. and Katz L. 1960-1980. The title of their publication made me think about the genetic manipulation of microorganisms associated with certain genes of a specific group as I have described within a previous article.


The Nazi’s studied before and during the Second World War the possibilities to eradicat the Jews by finding a cancer which affects Jewish in particular as found by Dörffel in 1932. Although he is absolutely not interested in any clarification he strongly is persistent in saying that Jewish people are not susceptible to Kaposi sarcoma.  And this is strange because 67% suffering from Kaposi sarcoma have the HLA-DR5 blood characteristic, whilst only 23% of a comparative group without Kaposi sarcoma had the characteristic. Initially it was scientist Bernhardt who discovered that Kaposi sarcoma almost exclusively occur in Central Europe which has been reported since 1872, right up to the thirties. Not long after the war findings linking this cancer, almost exclusive appear in white colored people, with the origin of the affected persons were published in the USA, England and France.

Nowadays it know that HLA-DR3 appears to provide the body with resistance to fight the disease and this loci appear also mostly within the genetic system of black-skinned people. Only 8% of Kaposi sarcoma patients have this, compared with 54% of the control group, whom ever that may be. Compared with other persons, HLA-DR5 is more frequent among Ashkenazie-Jewish. Up until the start of the Nationalist Socialist Party in Germany 1933, the majority of scientific articles on this disease appeared in Germany. The main conclusion about these investigations is that the disease could be used as an infectious disease weapon against not only Jews, but after genetic manipulation also for Negros in Africa. And to confirm this statement to be more true one can read the publication of Muller O. With his findings about the Rakai District Lake Victoria Merchants in a fishing village in Uganda. The tittle? AIDS in Uganda – Stand der Epidemie in einem afrikanischer HOCH-Endemieland. AIFO 1991; 6: 124-129.

Black Belgian AIDS patients

Especially the publications from Thijs and Jansen fall on me, but nobody would dare to say that Belgian scientists in 1944 with a conscious have experimented with leukemia virus vaccine on Congolese children. They nevertheless did so investigations into the mining town of Kilo in the former Belgian Congo. In that double-black mine-town was a large proportion of black people working in the gold and uranium mines of the Belgians. But, in the uranium mines were also excavated for the manufacture of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Shortly afterwards those two mentioned Belgians noticed a large number of diseases among miners. They studied in the fifties, independently from each other, the link between infection and the occurrence of a reduced immunological resistance. They studied the matter and submitted their papers to present the first relationship between the occurrence of a lung infection and other symptoms that would later prove to be characteristic for patients with AIDS. This prompted them to do more intensive research and so they discovered many patients with Kaposi’s sarcoma, a chronic form of skin cancer that frequently occurs in AIDS patients.

In 1957 Thijs confirmed this finding with what his colleague Janssen two years earlier had been identified, namely: an unusually high death rate among children of parents who had worked in the Kilo Mines. The children died en masse to opportunistic infections that today features as AIDS. But no one even suggested a few suspicions words about the possible consequences of contact with depleted uranium ore and infected with AIDS-causing virus vaccines.

But German SS doctors who fed infants with radioactive cow milk contaminated with microorganisms during World War II are of course suspects. And they only remain after the war by cooperating with U.S. pediatricians and the CIA for carrying out experiments in orphanages, children’s hospitals and clinics for the mentally handicapped in the United States, Korea and Vietnam and within selected African and American populations. And where did the German supermen specialists starting to work after the war in America and England? Exactly!

African research teams:
* Institute of Special Bacterial Pathogen
* National Institute of Health NIH
* Centers for Disease Control CDC
* Antwerp Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine
* National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases NIAID
* John Hopkins Hospital
* Ethiopian-Netherlands AIDS Research Project in 1997
* World Health Organization WHO

In 1983 at the request of the Zairian Ministry of Health and by the Centers for Diseases Control CDC they formed a research team that had the task frequently AIDS-like syndromes to investigate.

Ten days before the members of the CDC team to Zaire to leave, they were asked by a senior official of the Institute of Bacterial Special Pathogens primarily to work with the National Institutes of Health NIH.

Once the research team had formed they especially has to include a Belgian AIDS researcher and they would meet in the Antwerp Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine. Unfortunately to their surprise they found not only members of the NIH team but also some others, including the director of the American National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases NIAID, and surprisingly the director Peter Piot of the Prince Leopold Institute of itself.

The highly experienced doctors at the CDC has had also to put up an unfamiliar epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital who told them exactly how the investigation in Zaire during the control groups had to be constructed. How that research is conducted, no one knows because the results are never published. And that is quite surprising, since it is known that the Belgian Congo, now Zaire, in this period was plagued by the ‘skinny or slim disease’, synonymous with AIDS, and that the disease was associated with fatal infections in publications and found in black American and African men.

Equally remarkable is that several Belgian researchers published on AIDS and opportunistic infections in Zaire after the American researcher Robert Gallo had made it official that the AIDS disease was caused by the new virus HTLV.


Obviously it had nobodies interest to look after the many collected  blood samples since the seventies from diseased Zairians and who were stored in the Belgian research laboratories of Janssen Pharmaceutical.

Maybe the Prince Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine was afraid that the issues of Salk, Sabin and Koprowski would come into the open before the declaration of Gallo. But to me and some others their action pointed directly to the massive contamination of the thousands of Haitians, which in a different light would face.

Perhaps they half feared the Cuba crisis, because there was a serious indication that among the many Cuban boat refugees, since 1980 in America had received asylum, including several who were vaccinated in Africa and had suffered an AIDS infection. Among these were Cuban refugees, because many ex-soldiers who twenty years earlier alongside the Zairian Katanga gendarmes  had fought against the UN forces and they were inoculated with contaminated vaccines.

Anyway, the joint investigation team, should have given more clarity about how and why such a massive Zairians members caught the AIDS virus.


I think all these institutes came together to cover up the contaminated inoculations and medical experiments in Africa.

It’s been reported that people in Africa since the first mass vaccinations in 1957 have been victims of many diseases including those unknown, new disease called by the missionaries ‘slim disease’ and called by local people (rightly) the “foreign disease”. The difficult name ‘Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)’ that the drug company Upjohn gave up in 1981, knocked cool too, because the vaccinated individuals not only lost weight very rapidly in a short time, but eventually died of various opportunistic infections. Those are the only life-threatening infections if the resistance of the body has declined sharply.

Decades before and to this day, the sick, hungry, fleeing and struggling people in Africa  became “hot items” for the media. And the conscience of the former colonizers try to appease with heartwarming actions during those poor black Africans disasters.  Food and medication were needed of course, but they send colorful expired. For those walking skeletons they were not only hungry, but if they were not vaccinated they caught still many infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, yellow fever, pneumonia and lots and lots of diarrhea. And if Africans have been vaccinated or “sprayed”, they got funnier diseases, but not AIDS. According to Western media and politics before 1983, no African died from AIDS since the disease was not discovered by Robert Gallo by then!

Meanwhile, the WHO tried to count the number of HIV infected people, but that is swimming against the tide, because the number of HIV-positives is a multiple of the number of AIDS patients because the disease is manifest only after years. And there is no country in the world that all citizens required or may impose an AIDS test. Moreover, the countries with the most infected are precisely those countries where the population through famine, drought and civil war adrift and sometimes even as hundreds of thousands of Hutus into eastern Zaire, seems to have disappeared into the earth.

There is not much for the WHO to count. The AIDS statistics that this organization annually presents are largely just eyewash. The prediction that in the magical year 2000, only nine million Africans AIDS will have, can only be based on developments in those African countries where major conflicts have been received or where peace has returned, but even there the situation is alarming and disturbing.

Uganda is such a country. After the reign of dictator Idi Amin in 1979 by the enemies was overthrown, it was possible reasonably reliable statistics on AIDS to make. And which do not lie. A great deal of the population of the former British colony, since the disease has manifested itself has AIDS, a life expectancy of 37 years and is known to the world’s lowest.

In 1996, half a million Ugandans died of AIDS and found ten percent of the population HIV positive, in large cities even twenty percent of pregnant women. The prognosis for 2000 is that the number of HIV-positive raise even up to thirty percent of the workforce. That’s all happened in a period of twenty years. But can all these figures be trusted, how objective are they?

In Zimbabwe and Ethiopia, the WHO has a relatively good idea of ​​the spread of AIDS among the population. Of Zimbabwe is well known that, according to a reliable estimate based on the number of infected blood donors, by 1991 more than ten percent of the population was HIV positive. It is expected that the disease in the forthcoming years will have the same course as in Uganda, so the turn around one third of the population HIV positive.

In Ethiopia it is not much better. During the Ethiopian-Netherlands AIDS Research Project in 1997 was announced in the capital Addis Ababa, where half of all Ethiopians live, 10 to 15 percent of people between 15 and 50 years are HIV-infected. Sinister is that, if we are to believe all figures, Africa should have been depopulated long before and why this did not happen without saying?

The last official number I wish to make is about prostitutes, because they score significantly higher. Fifty percent of them are HIV positive. Remarkable was the observation that most AIDS patients I write about actually deceased from tuberculosis. And as far as the prostitutes are concerned, they are still there and working.

To be continued…