By Efe Omordia – If anyone had doubts about Didier Yves Drogba Tebily‘s ability to make a positive impact in Chelsea team, I am sure those doubts must have been dispelled especially after the teams last season’s performance at the English Premier League where he helped them win a double and also got the golden boot to show for it. However, his days in Chelsea may soon come to an end. This is not due to any mouthwatering deal from a seemingly desperate team like Manchester City but as a result of something that goes far beyond the confines of the league, something that extends to his home country Ivory Coast where things seem to be coming to a head.

The incumbent Laurent Gbagbo seems not to have his act together and if the juggling of the past few years is anything to go by, he may need to leave the arena to make way for experts like Drogba who not only know how to effectively dribble in front of a watching crowd but also go a step further by scoring and making an accurate statement; something that seems to be lacking in the Ivorian political stalemate.  Ivoirians are as confused as the president seems to be as to the exact timing of the presidential elections, it has been postponed so many times that the majority would rather concern themselves with more pleasant and uncomplicated issues like waiting for the arrival of Didier Drogba on a call-up by the national team than get rattled about more complicated and uncertain issues. They have learnt from the recent Civil War that devastated the country that being unnecessarily agitated about issues of governance would only make way for more chaos and further uncertainty.  Didier Drogba their hero seems to be on their page as he is also concerned about ensuring that the North and South bury the hatchet and therefore live as one indivisible people. He made this clear after the country qualified for the 2006 World Cup when he made a direct appeal to warring sides to bury the hatchet. The appeal seemed to have made a huge difference as a ceasefire was declared after that.

Leadership should not rest with people who cling on desperately to power by finding excuses to stay long after the loudest ovation but with people who have a vision.  Didier Drogba should think seriously about removing his “golden” Chelsea boots and thread into the murky waters of West African politics because he is a man who has a sincere desire to make his country more habitable for the populace and if that is not the mark of a leader tell me what is?