Weekly Blogger: Too many empty promises

By OMORDIA EFE – Promises do not count for much except they get fulfilled so it could be annoying for one to listen to the same promises that were made donkey years ago being repeated in a sing-song like manner by successive governments or more specifically by successive political aspirants. The lyric remains the same ‘if you vote for me, I would provide water, light, improved infrastructure’ blah blah blah! Can’t these people (if they have nothing else to offer) be at least innovative in their proclamations? What beats the imagination is that quite a number of the electorate fall for these scams; they swallow it all up hook, line and sinker. It would be less flamboyant but much better if only one promise is made and that promise eventually gets fulfilled

It is a shame that years after independence, most West African leaders are still trying to unravel the ‘great mystery’ of providing the basics for inhabitants. While other nations are going to space and thinking up new technological innovations, we in these parts are still confined to the cramped space of mediocrity amidst unspeakable corruption.

Our leaders are as unreliable as a married man or woman who promises a lover a perfect future. There is nothing worth holding unto. It’s all words fuelled by lust and greed and wanting to hold on to illegality as well as deception.