Weekly Blogger: Alien invasion

By Efe Omordia – They are everywhere; at places of worship, on the streets, in offices, everywhere. They look and act like humans but if you look at them closely, look into their eyes; you will see a soullessness and blankness that will make your skin crawl.

How they got here, nobody can tell but some say they were not like this from the beginning when things were regular, when people ate three square meals, when individuals where honest in their dealings and lived simple lives, when each man looked out for his neighbor, when leaders where true to their electoral promises, when nations did not fight senseless wars, when a man was not despised for his way of worship or his ethnic group.

The theory is that somehow, these humans mutated and took on a new shade and disposition one that has led to so much destruction, so much chaos and so much despair. It was an involuntary act, they couldn’t help it. They were pushed to the wall by years and years of neglect, by years and years of being lied to, by years and years of brainwashing. They didn’t have a choice, they had to let go of their original way of life, and they had to find a space in the neglectful and untrue society.

Now, they fight, they terrorize, they antagonize and they ignite and the elite are all helpless and hope and pray not to become the next victim of the masses whom they created.