Jack of all trades and master of all

By Omordia, Efe Alexandra – It is difficult for the average individual to develop a special skill. This is because it takes great endurance to do something over and over again till it comes to the point of near perfection. For example, it could take years for one to dance effortless ballet, be in a country’s national gymnastics team or even become a pioneer in the department of technological advancement. That is why the average adult individual in countries in Europe and America where things are on point would rather pay to see a Mariah Carey perform than strive to become one. He/she understands that it is better to appreciate natural talent than engage in a foolhardy pursuit that is most likely bound to end up in disaster. He/she understands that without developing any special skill, food (and whatever else) would be on the table but this is not the case in countries within the sub-region where the majority live in dire economic environments; where it is a record breaking achievement to get the basics. Here we multi task ourselves and search for otherwise unsearchable talents in the bid to hit the big time. It is not just enough for one to have a university degree to get a job (A university degree does not count for much in these parts) It is all about trying your hands at one new skill that you just learnt about the day before that may not necessarily be your area of core competence but that ends up giving you an edge in an already saturated environment such as ours.

In this Jack-of-all-Trades environment, the terrain is rough. The contestants and contenders are desperate. Only the strong will eventually survive. Only the group of individuals who take constant bashings will clinch the prize which is often less than they deserve but which will put them in a better stead than a whole bunch of others.