Why China/Russia veto on the Syrian crisis but not on Libyan ?

By Jean-Paul Pougala   – “Why when the West write a resolution to impeach the Ivory-Coast and Libya, China and Russia do not oppose their veto, but when it comes to Syria, it is the opposite? As for the veto against sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2008? “This question was asked  to me on my facebook page by Eric Atangana from Yaounde, Cameroon.

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi

Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi

1) Côte d’Ivoire of Laurent Gbagbo and his Prime Minister Guillaume Soro had canceled most of the contracts signed with the Chinese to move to the French as the port of Abidjan rose to Bolloré just before the elections, hoping that ‘tinkering with these,  would calm Paris. With this gesture, in fact, Laurent Gbagbo gave evidence to follow the advice of Paris, which encourages to do nothing with the Chinese (unless they pass trough France).and then claim a Chinese or Russian veto was illusory.

2) For Libya, it’s even worse. Gaddafi signed in 2006 with the Bush administration agreements to put his secret service under the supervision of the CIA. Under the agreement, it is the American secret service which formed those Libyans. This means that in global geostrategic positioning, Libya had chosen the United States of American against China/Russia tandem.  It is clear that when the opportunity came out,, Beijing and Moscow let pay back this kind of strategic error to Gaddafi’s Libya and Gbagbo. In Beijing, this is called teaching by pragmatism.

The lesson is now well understood in many African capitals that we must now make a choice. This has been long understood in Harare and Khartoum and recently, in Yaoundé by choosing China openly. In Cameroon, for example, six new senior members of the Cameroonian army are being trained in China and even the new weapons that equip the Cameroonian army are Chinese, despite the angry of Paris. But in doing so, Yaoundé knows it prevents the scenario of Ivory Coast, to be link with a superpower able to protect against Paris and Washington in any crisis with the probable involvement of the United Nations that is always at the U.S. side or Western.

3) For the  raw materials western propaganda, China has signed with Russia for the construction of pipe lines the meet the essential oil and gas needs of Chinese for 30 years. China has paid a check of $ 25 billion at the signature as advance, becoming the first customer of Russia. and for the rest, China is the largest mining country in the world and produces 95% of rare earths. With or without Africa, China kneels Westerners, there is no need to fantasize too much.

Conclusion: China in Africa is not there only for the raw materials, but rather to weaken the Europeans where they feel safer. It is clear that transforming the face of African cities such as Nairobi, Maputo, Luanda, Yaoundé, Kinshasa, and Kampala, China pushes Africa to question the many lies of the West on themselves  and their non-development, despite its resources plundered for hundreds of years by the same and unscrupulous. Years ago that they announced the bankruptcy of Zimbabwe, due to EU sanctions, but thanks to the Chinese money, the country has turned its back on Britain. Tony Blair says in his memories that he wanted to send a commando to overthrow Mugabe and pass it to an internal rebellion. But he was afraid of the Chinese feedback. The question for us today is to ask how can Africa benefit from the state of confusion and crisis in which China has succeeded  to rush the West?

Jean-Paul Pougala