Vuva Tchunas unites Mzansi in song and support for Bafana!



BY Shout Africa Correspondent

Johannesburg: What do you get if you combine inspirational vuvuzela sounds with catchy African Rhythms?

You would get Vuva Tchunas, a unique wave of sounds that will truly be the inspiration for our nation to all support Bafana Bafana, now available on CD.

Vuva Tchunas makes it possible for all fans to be united in a harmony of rhythm and sound so that they all know how to do the vuva tchuna, a new, uniquely South African supporter trend expected to take over from the now jaded Mexican Wave.

Not only can fans exuberantly display their love for the beautiful game and their national side, but broadcasters can join in by playing Vuva Tchunas, inspiring our nation to tune in, not tone down when they hear our vuvuzelas playing “Vuva Tchunas. “

Vuva Tchunas is a conversion of the traditional Vuvuzela sound, commonly used at football matches to ignite renewed support from soccer fans for their favourite teams on the field. It’s this sound that has been transformed into musical notation on the CD, Vuvu Tchunas.

Traditionally, only single powerful Vuvuzela notes are blast across stadiums. The Vuva Tchunas CD still places the vuvuzela sound as dominant within the South African football context. The aim of the CD is however to link all Bafana Bafana fans to act as the 12th man on the field through a wave of united sound.

By playing individual vuvuzelas to one beat at all matches, creators Edwin Mitas and Sipho Ndlovu also want to encourage the national team to triumph over their opponents, intimidating them with both musical sounds and football rhythms to move past the first phase of the international tournament hosted in South Africa.

Edwin Mitas and Sipho Ndlovu have through their band Midlovu, composed and recorded basic tunes from a vuvuzela and laid down backing tracks to create Vuva-Tchunas, which is an expression of their fierce determination to mix music, football and a love for country, in united support behind Bafana Bafana through the unique sounds of the vuvuzela.

Edwin is a self-taught musician who comes from a musical family. He has a dual passion for music and sports however when injuries prevented the latter, he soldiered on with his musical passion and eventually joined the SA Air Force Band where he met Sipho Ndlovu, the Acting Director of the SA Air Force Entertainment Band.

Sipho has formal training in arranging, sight reading, harmony, keyboard technique, writing and all the other disciplines needed for a student of music to fully qualify from the Technicon of Pretoria.

In addition to his collaboration with Mitas, Ndlovu has worked with Themba Mkhize, Moss Mogale, Julian Bahula and Moses Taiwa Molelekwa and has shared the stage with the music greats like Hugh Masekela, Jonas, Gwangwa, Tshepo Tshola, Judith Sepuma, Sibongile Khumalo, Salif Keita and Kirk Whalum.

Together they have composed and arranged something unique in Vuva Tchunas that is fresh, stimulating and current.

It will also act as the catalyst that ignites support behind our national team and could encourage them through a tangible spirit of goodwill that can be experienced through melodious and harmonic sound and rhythm. Try and catch them at a local performance in Gauteng and get to feel the spirit of their music. It will ignite your soul with feeling.,