UK: 21,000 supporters from Ghana to storm England -Wembley Stadium

By Peterking Quaye – GHANA will take 21,000 supporters to Wembley for the biggest-ever away following at an England home international. With Ghana’s recent form and scoring -with Togo taking 4 goals just some fewsweeks ago. There no doudt about the results of England and Ghana come next month. According to an English website ‘SUN’ the game is  one of the biggest-ever Ghana  international friendly.

Ghana was colonized by the English and soccer was promoted by thr English .The master game will have to stand still because anything can happend when it comes to the 15th rank team in the world currently and one of the best on the African continent now .

It is a huge allocation of the 90,000 seats for the friendly on March 29. An FA insider said: “It is the first time they have played each other.  There is a large community from Ghana living in London.

“Their allocation has almost sold out although the Ghanaian FA have said they  could sell out Wembley just with their fans.”We are expecting a carnival atmosphere.” will follow the full story and updates ahead of the match on 29th March.