FIFA Tackles Argentina’s Off-Side Goal

JOHANNESBURG — The “controversial action” when Argentinean player Carlos Tevez scored from an offside position in Sunday night’s World Cup knockout match against Mexico should not have been displayed on the big screens at Johannesburg’s Soccer City, FIFA said on Monday.

Carlos Tevez

This was for security reasons, FIFA spokesman Nicolas Maingot said during FIFA’s daily media briefing at Soccer City. Maingot refused to be drawn on two controversial refereeing decisions over the weekend.

He was bombarded with questions on the two decisions, one relating to England and the other to Argentina.

However, the South African Press Association (SAPA) reported that he came back with the same answer each time.

“FIFA does not comment on referee decisions,” he said.

The daily World Cup briefing was not the forum to enter into a debate on refereeing, Maingot said.

England were denied a goal in their match against Germany on Sunday after a goal by Frank Lampard was missed by Uruguayan referee Jorge Larrionda. before England lost 4-1.

Another controversial decision involved the first goal scored in the match between Mexico and Argentina.

Tevez was clearly offside when he took the shot but the goal stood and the Argentineans beat Mexico 3-1.

After Maingot said the “controversial action” should not have been displayed on the big screens at the venue, South African Local Organizing Committee spokesman Jermaine Craig said the incident happened “relatively quickly” and would not be repeated.

At Monday’s briefing, UK media pressed Maingot for answers, describing the decisions as an embarrassment to FIFA.

However, Maingot said: “Neither Jermaine nor I have the competence to speak on refereeing decisions.

“Again, when it comes to refereeing decisions we don’t comment on those,” said Maingot.

SAPA reported that the incidents revived debate about the introduction of goal-line technology used in most major sports.

England’s coach Fabio Capello and Lampard reportedly demanded that FIFA introduce goal-line technology after their team’s loss.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, the German goalkeeper admitted deceiving the referee about whether the ball had crossed the goal-line.