Zambia: PF development agenda is not seasonal – Kampyongo

By Bashi Gwen – National Youth Chairman for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Stephen Kampyongo, says financing youths run project is a fulfillment of his campaign message during 2016 general election, as opposed to anticipation that politics is-a-towards-the-election-mantra.

He said his boldness on helping youths to participate in national development programs unlocks investment opportunities and active involvement in building Zambia.

Kampyongo  also Zambia’s Home Affairs minister has since invested at least K225 000.00 in direct financing of  community projects, with beneficiaries comprising of Matero, Kanyama and Mandevu youths in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

Speaking in an interview, Kampyongo said Zambia will rise to its heights should youths find the treasure in hidden secrets of hardworking and collaborative character to drive the country’s economy forward, citing that this is the only glimpse of hope to influence spinning wheel of transformation and development for future generations.

He said it is the spirit of division, hatred and denial of the run-away defeat during the 2016 presidential election that they opposition United National Party For Development (UPND) experienced, forcing them to lose relevance in the Zambioan politics through construct debate, inspiring them to consider way ward vices such as terrorism is deterring the country to witness a smooth comprehensive makeover under the reign of PF which he said is working on mainstreaming its plan to diversify the economy.

“People with such diseased hatred should be locked away,” Kampyongo said.

In a separate engagement speaking during the Patriotic Front (PF) forum in the capital, Lusaka, at the weekend, Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu said the country is liable to think of it with a critical notion and appreciation for good than evil.

“For someone who really desires to be the president of this country, would he destroy that which we have as a nation to quench a burning desire in his quest to fight for presidency and gain from it?” quiz Zulu.

Zulu also a reputable lawyer further clarified that Zambia in not in a state of emergency. But due to random cases of arson attack since the 2016 general elections to date, President Edgar Lung has invoked Article 31, to scale up public protection in the country.