Baganda demands what the Government of Uganda owes to Buganda

We the Baganda in the Diaspora in consultation with other Ugandans convened on 4th November 2011 at 20-30 London Road, Barking. London (United Kingdom) and resolved to demand what the government of Uganda owes Buganda within a period of sixth months from today.

The acrimony between Buganda and the central Government stems from the failure of the NRM government to honour Buganda’s demands. These demands are part of an agreement between Buganda and the NRA/M reached as a prerequisite for Buganda’s involvement in the 1981 Luweero Bush war.

The resolutions are:

  1. Buganda and other regions of Uganda be given full federal status as recommended by the Odoki report where 97% in Buganda and 65% in Uganda demanded for federal status.
  2. The central government pays the 23billions Uganda shillings debt it owes Buganda in Rent and returns all Buganda properties including land.
  3. The government releases with immediate effect all people detained without charge since September 2009.These include all Ugandans detained during the Kayunga and walk to work demonstrations.
  4. The NRM government stops fragmenting Buganda region into unnecessary districts with the ultimate aim of weakening Uganda.
  5. The government stops the rampant corruption, nepotism and marginalisation of sections of Ugandans.
  6. If these demands are not met within the stipulated six months period, we shall announce the next step.

Signed by:


Richard Semitego

Deputy Chairperson

Mzee Yiga Sempogo


Charles Mugagga