Group of 42 Short Term Observers arrive in Tanzania

By Own Correspondent – A group of 42 European Union Short Term Observers (STOs) will arrive in Tanzania next Monday, 25 October 2010, to join 22 Long Term Observers (LTOs) already deployed to cover all regions of the country.

The STOs will stay in Dar es Salaam for two days before leaving to the field and receive a series of briefings on various aspects of the electoral process.

Due to the information from Eurpean Union Press Officer which signed by Francesca Boggeri said, The STOs, just like their long term observer colleagues, will maintain contacts with local electoral officials, candidates, political parties’ representatives, civil society organizations and voters.

“They will observe the final days of campaigning and follow up the election preparations and any possible claims or complaints,”Information said .

He said, On election day, 31 October 2010, both the LTOs and STOs will observe all phases of the election, from the opening of the polling stations to voting, closing and counting.

He added that, a group will also observe the tabulation of results at district and national levels as well as the announcement of results.

All together the 64 observers will represent all 27 European Union member countries and Norway, Switzerland and Canada. Another group of six experts forming the core team of the Mission has been in the country since 28 September and will also observe the election day activities.

He said, The observers’ findings will be part of the overall evaluation and assessment of the process by the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM).

There will also be an opportunity to interview the Chief Observer, David Martin MEP, on that date after the departure of the STOs.