A look at the Elections in Tanzania

By Own Correspondent – The Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) presidential candidate, Dr Willbrod Slaa,asked President Jakaya Kikwete to name the companies that benefited from a Sh1.3 billion package meant to enable them steer from the economic crisis.

The money was given by the government to firms as astimulus package to weather the effects of the global economic crisis.

Speaking at a rally in Njombe District region, Dr Slaa said this is a typical embezzlement because the stimulus money was o keyed during a CCM meeting at Mlimani City instead of being passed in Parliament. So far no one knows a single company that benefited from this package.

Also added that the party feared nothing , including anything that might be used to instil fear among its members in the forthcoming elections. Said that the party would not be intimidated by anyone as it depended solely on people’s and God’s power.

“We are not afraid of bombs or tears gas; only the public and God’s will would decide the future’s outcome,” said Dr Slaa noting that the recent threats by security forces would not sway the public’s will.

Dr Slaa charge that the ruling party (CCM), which was a darling of all Tanzanians during the era of the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, has now turned into family property that has lost vision and direction.

“CCM has lost direction and people are now running from it because the party cannot stand against the nation’s enemies whom we’ve fought since we reclaimed our country from colonialists,” said Dr Slaa.

He said Chadema was different from CCM because the party focuses on the core causes wananchi’s(citizens) problems rather than simple projects which do not help the public.

Dr. Slaa added that the promises made by the CCM presidential candidate based on roads and health centres are within the budget and donor funded programs, he said, noting that Chadema had come up with new initiatives which would involve changes meant to save Tanzanians from poverty.