Opinion – Origin and Spread of AIDS Part 9 of 20.

German experiments with cytomegalovirus in South and Central Africa, Part 9 of 20,

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By Johan van Dongen – When the scientists Kaminer and Murray in 1950 published an article titled: Sarcoma idiopathicum mutiplex haemorhagicum or Kaposi caused by the cytomegalovirus CMV, with a special reference to its incidence in the South African Negro, my attention was aroused. Seeking the origin of AIDS it was just the article linking experiments on innocent people from the Nazis and experiments in the postwar South Africa.

The sudden onset of Kaposi’s sarcoma clusters among dark-skinned persons in South Africa from 1949 onwards and the experiments of German scientists, provided reason for striking contaminations and examinations and apparent helpless interpretations.

Between 1911 and 1947, there was not a single case of Kaposi’s sarcoma found in Southern Africa, former Rhodesia, Mozambique, former South West Africa. Several investigators, researchers, pathologists and medical doctors missed the diagnosis of this skin cancer within the mentioned period of time. Moreover, the accidence of Kaposi’s sarcoma was very rare indeed.

Although they never gave any explanation about this phenomenon in comparison with other parts of the world they never proclaimed that there was a significant claim that Kaposi’s sarcoma had always been present in South Africa and its surrounding countries.

The connection between Kaminer and Murray came into the picture when suddenly a researcher named Oettle published in 1962 his data in a paper called: Geographical and racial differences in the frequency of Kaposi’s sarcoma as evidence of environmental or genetic causes. His paper talked about the incidence of 86 cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma between 1949 and 1953. No such numbers were checked before that data. More curious is the fact that of  these mentioned cases 82 patients were Bantus, and of these, 63 were from Transvaal.

Besides this extraordinary rate among dark-skinned people, it also became remarkable that of the ten pale-skinned persons who fell ill between 1942 and 1952, six of these were women, of whom five were Afrikaners, who were classified as Aryans. Since the hitherto known figures confirm that 15 times more men than women suffer from Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Another scientist, called Lucas, published and confirmed a similar noticeable incidence among women from the South African Province of Natal from 1950 till 1956. Out of all cases Lucas found an abnormal figure among the patients because 17 African men and women succumbed to the disease there.

Brief history of criminal German experiments on humans

Looking back at the German Robert Koch, who once as a house physician and county doctor started, famous discoveries, he also organized several scientific expeditions to South Africa and Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. And what this entailed was exploratory expeditions without saying that the Germans also experimented with selective viruses that causes AIDS have proved the following.

Loewenthal in 1938 wrote a publication about Multiple idiopathic hemorrhagic sarcoma of Kaposi’s and to me a bell is going to ring. And that makes it especially when I, in 1972 and 1973, discovered articles on the same topic like of Taylor, Bijlsma and Owor that deal with specific occurrences of Kaposi’s sarcoma in Ugandan Africans blacks. And each time, outbreaks of a disease like measles, a disease that mainly affects black children over there. Scientists unanimously agree that the death of these children is caused by: “A sudden increase of virulence in the local strain. The strain of virus responsible for this invasive disease have propensities beyond those encountered in the usual strains of herpes simplex virus”.

Almost immediately I thought back to the pronunciation of Westbroek as I have described in article eight. Since CMV infections are not naturally epidemic, and since nearly 100% of the infections have hit dark-skinned children, this obviously must be attributed to an intentional form of infection with a brand new genetic engineered virus made in a virus factory in Germany.

If we compare these findings with my references in article four to the HLA-A, B, C, DR3 and DR5 loci examined by the Nazi’s led by Otmar Verschuer, who in 1956 joined the American Eugenics Society, who worked on the Rockefeller-funded, and again Rockefeller, Verschuer and also head of the Department of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, than we can say the circle is completed.

Furthermore we have to take into account that within people who have blood type HLA-DR3 AIDS is much less common than in people who have the HLA-DR5 type. Under the Nazi research, it is important to note that precisely the HLA-DR5 type occurs mainly at Jews. The HLA-DR3 type contrast is most common in dark-colored Africans. In general you can say that it is harder for blacks than for whites to get AIDS,  but they have been made susceptible for a broad spectrum of new diseases caused by Germans partly under the auspices of the South African Apartheids regime.

Nowadays we now know that monkeys do not get AIDS when infected with the human AIDS virus. The same goes for tuberculosis until the moment that monkeys in a laboratory made receptive.
Yet even monkeys get AIDS but suddenly from a rare variant, namely HIV-II. If we now test this phenomenon on the Koch’s postulates, which he not only with his German colleague and anatomist F. Henle postulated, it is abundantly clear that another German scientist, Manfred Eigen, more than five decades ago shows that HIV-1 and HIV-II is a single virus. How can it be that fifty years ago a German one shows that HIV is equal to the other cannot be a mystery because of the Nazi period and the afore mentioned discussion.

What really is a mystery is the fact that postwar German scientists speak of a global AIDS virus while not at issue. Indeed, the AIDS virus has been officially discovered until 1983 by Luc Montagnier.
Another little known fact is that Private as an employee of the German Max Planck Institute in Göttingen in the journal Naturwissenschaften publishes a paper based on findings showing that a fly with AIDS infected blood he sucks up to feed not consumed immediately.
Looking back on this topic I think it is necessary to overlook the history of German institutes in the past century.

Robert Koch, Kaiser Wilhelm oder Max Planck. ‘Was ist in eine name?’

Not only the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin had been renamed. The prominent German Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology in Berlin undergoing this (fate). For this laboratory established in 1911 is now widely known as Max-Planck-Institut für Psychiatrie und Biochemistry. In the reorganization of the world in dangerous times are not just military research laboratories. The founders were then a more independent research in mind apart from other German universities could operate. Ostensibly, it seemed intended to make rapid and appropriate investigations to be carried out than normally possible within the university setting. However, who knows the names of scientists who have worked there understands the underlying motives.

This supposedly renowned institute has produced many famous scholars including Hans Nachtsheim, Otmar von Verschuer under worked as professor of the notorious Joseph Mengele got under his wing. Mengele, nicknamed “the Angel of Death’, met with his assistant Klaus Barbie, known as ‘the butcher of Lyon, France’, the eagerness of the Japanese Osamu Hatta, Tomasada Masuda and Shiro Ishii. And what they did would later appear in the Japanese concentration camps.

The eugenics in Nazi Germany is already before the Second World War a mainstream science to be conducted by another medical science Nazi chief, Walter Emil Schreiber, research for which at that time plenty of  HumanRats or TestNegroes to be obtained. In the context of human genetics Nachtsheim sends the eyes of an entire Jewish family by courier to Mengele army post with the message that this could greatly facilitate its genetic research.

One of the black pages of the Nazis was the sterilization of hundreds of thousands of people in the name of the same genetics. Manic-depressives, Jews, gypsies, mentally handicapped, and anyone that schizophrenics do not respond to the Nazi system were applied to the victim. From surviving documents it can be seen that between three and four hundred thousand people who were sterilized and because of it about ten percent died as a result of the operation.

At Auschwit,  Mengele conducted his famous experiment in genetic twins get more than one hundred thousand people to select the gas chambers. Anthropologists and geneticists argued on behalf of the Nazis (so called scientific) tests to determine whether someone was not Jewish or Gypsy, and often had a look at a picture that is sufficient for qualification.

The science of today still benefit from that knowledge even if one German out of reverence to the dead saying, ‘that Nazi science was just bad genetics’.
In any other country until the arrival of the Nazis in 1933 as a genetics course not different from elsewhere. Indeed, at that time, the genetic study of the Germans well into the thirties funded by the U.S. Rockefeller Foundation. According to insiders it went wrong when geneticists knew their full service appointees of the ruling Nazi ideology. Klaus Fischer ventilated in a German newspaper in March 1943 this service with the quote: ‘It is a rare and special good fortune for our German theoretical science to flourish, especially in a time when the prevailing ideology welcomes it, and that its findings immediately can be made subservient to the politics of the state’

But, for what values ​​exist then no genes? At least not the values ​​themselves! And if you’re already doing research to certain values, we are not in a prohibited area of ​​the Nazi genetics?
The former and current generation of scientists genetically manipulate microorganisms to make biological warfare products to make a return would still have to resort to those early days of genetics. They were the history of the book ‘Tödliche Wissenschaft’ by Benno Müller-Hill agreed to re-read or study. In a truly chilling and objective way, containing the hitherto largely neglected relationship between certain branches of German science and Nazi atrocities against minority groups meticulously documented. And then in Germany in 1921 the first textbook on human genetics appeared they had certainly never believed that one of the greatest Judases of the last century, Adolf Hitler, as the basis for his book Mein Kampf was used.

Hitler, who also once appeared to be friends with the publisher, after his failed ‘putsch’ in 1923 the book endlessly expressed in jail can study. In his literary freak you also get the necessary speaking of human genetics.

The anatomist Fischer left there, when Hitler came to power, no grass grew and seized his opportunity with both criminal hands. He writes a very flattering book review of “Mein Kampf” in a magazine for human genetics and, he says Adolf Hitler is the only politician who really understands what human genetics entails.

After the war the CIA knew everything about the genetic study of the Nazis  and appreciate it by recruiting and protecting Mengele, Barbie, Schreiber and the gas chamber specialist and SS soldier Walter Rauff by subscribing to the global preventive medicine division of the Air Force School of Aviation Medicine, under the code name ‘Paperclip’ continue their criminal investigation. And if these guys if not for the same CIA helps them to a get new identities.

Then the CIA obstructed the judicial process even more by the ‘Nazi executioners’ to escape to South America and South Africa. Other projects that are initiated by the CIA under the code name ‘Bluebird’, which the name was changed to ‘Artichoke’ and MK-ULTRA ‘global death and destruction was caused.

When World War II Nazi Germany was approaching the need for a serum that contained a deadly virus for biological warfare has increased. In 1937, the ‘Bakteriologisches und Serum Institutes von her doctor W. Schreiber’  in Jena and Erfurt in former East Germany, slaughtered thousands of serum horses in Landsher Schleisheim for military purposes and experiments in Africa. The same happened after the war but was ordered by the Americans in the products of the Behring-Werke Marburg, on the island of Riems/Greifswald where O. Waldmann, an old nazi doctor in charge of the center for the development of horse AIDS virus, was interested.
Nazi researcher Schreiber, who as head of General Surgery “Reich unter Such gruppe” necessary experiments performed on humans, by a Polish court sentenced in absentia for his experiments on humans in the concentration camp “Auschwitz”. Subsequently he served in the camps with his knowledge the U.S. government until 1952 when it became known, the CIA helped him escape to Argentina

To be continued …………..