Opinion: AIDS the greatest crime in medical history, Ebola made in the former Union of Soviet Republiques, Part 18 of 20

By Johan van Dongen, the Netherlands – Obviously genetically modified weapons have already been in development long before ordinary people become aware of them. Almost always information does not reach ordinary citizens because it is packed in scientific jargon in a way that people cannot do anything with it. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of indiscriminate scientists, politicians and soldiers who take advantage of false statements that has caused a lot of problems in Africa. Everybody can say it is very stupid that African people believe that having unprotected sex with a virgin can cure Aids. But then these people also think that foreign countries who offer new medicines or offering  a cure against Ebola or HIV are also easy to believe. And as long as people think that way and as long as there are employees of governments, police departments, military personnel and healthcare workers who prefer money above the wellness of their fellow citizens then foreign countries can do anything with money and political or military power. And as I have described before in Africa we can see the real purpose of the so called famous institutes telling ordinary people the need of testing vaccines. Their money and criminal behavior are devils instruments to test anything they like on ordinary African people. So called vaccine programs in order to find remedies against their own western devil like research brought not only diseases to Africa but also poverty and war instead of stopping or eradicating them.


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Ebola made in the former Soviet Union.

Since the former Soviet Union reportedly took an aggressive interest in the Filoviruses just after the outbreak in Marburg, Germany, Soviet laboratories acquired samples of Marburg virus soon after the initial 1967 outbreak. But how did the Soviets manage to get the Marburg virus only a few months after the outbreak in Marburg during the Cold War and lying behind the Iron Curtain? (see part 17)


Therefore we have to turn back to a former administrator of the Soviet bio warfare program Ken Alibek, a pseudonym of Kanatjan Alibekov,  who has provided a dramatic account of a secret effort to develop Marburg/Ebola virus as an offensive weapon*. But there is still no independent confirmation of this information; of course not I would say because it was all secret. However, research reports, published by Russian investigators after the collapse of the Soviet Union, reflect a strong interest in the aerosol infectivity and stability of freeze-dried Marburg/Ebola virus a preparation highly suitable for use as a biological weapon.


More recently, Alibek claims, the Vector researchers may have created a recombinant Ebola-smallpox chimera. One could call it Ebola pox. Ebola virus uses the molecule RNA for its genetic code, whereas smallpox uses DNA. Alibek believes that the Russian researchers made a DNA copy of the disease causing parts of Ebola, then grafted them into smallpox. Alibek said he thinks that the Ebola pox virus is stable -that is, that it will replicate successfully in a test tube or…. in Human Rats- which means that, once created, Ebola pox will live forever, and will not un create itself. Thus a new form of very dangerous artificial life may have been brought into the world.



Because genetic material of the Ebola virus is integrated into another microorganism, under a microscope the hidden Ebola virus looks like smallpox, but obviously it isn’t. So a new dangerous microorganism creature is made. The so called Ebolapox, however, released into a society would eventually come back to the people who release it. Therefore, one would have to take it a step further and develop an Ebola pox that would only infect a specific genetic target group. This would insure that the ethnic group releasing it would not become infected. Therefore it is almost unbelievable that the Ebola outbreaks in Africa are caused spontaneously for I know that scientist are able to connect Ebola to a certain specific genetic loci of the DNA system. And this control over the artificial made Ebola disease is the only explanation that Ebola hasn’t become an epidemic or pandemic disease in Zaire and Uganda or surrounding countries.

As viruses cannot reproduce outside living host cells, viral weapons are much harder to manufacture than bacterial weapons. The Russians originally cultured smallpox in hundreds of thousands of chicken eggs, before eventually moving on to technologically advanced reactors. The methods of fixing the resultant substance so that the virus does not lose virulence, and treating it so that it can be aerosolised without being destroyed are, naturally, kept secret. It would be highly impractical, if not impossible, to manufacture viral weapons in a Western country without detection, so any significant quantities would need to be smuggled in, and presumably bought on the ex-Soviet black market.


Ken Alibek alias Kanatjan Alibekov

Thanks to a Soviet defector Alibek in 1992 defected to the United States, is more known about Soviet activities in this area. He was the First Deputy Director of Biopreparat, the organization that was engaged in developing biological weapons. Biopreparat scientists discovered that, in aerosol form, only a few virions (virus particles) necessary to infect a victim. They also investigated how this virus with an SS-18 intercontinental missile could be used against NATO population centers. After one of the scientists, Dr. Nikolai Ustinov, himself had accidentally injected with Marburg, were his colleagues from his body a more lethal version of the virus isolate and cultivate. This variant was named after Dr. Ustinov. According to Alibek, the Soviets in 1991 so far, that they ‘Marburg variant U’ in large quantities could produce. Since the departure of Ken Alibek little to nothing is known about the status of Russia’s current research and/or development of biological weapons.



After the Ebola outbreaks in Africa apparently nobody is interested in finding a cure for the African Ebola victims. The only thing of which scientists are interested in is to find a more lethal version of the virus to isolate and cultivate for bio warfare purposes.


Is there a message to the Africans? Yes, there is… Africa has to stop immediately all kinds of cooperations for testing vaccines or medicines in their innocent population.  And if Africans want to inject themselves with devils solutions then they only should do this after these devil medicines has been tested on scientists themselves.

*Ken Alibek with Stephen Handelman, Biohazard, Hutchinson Publishers, London, 1999. H. Stanley Banks: ‘The Common Infectious Diseases; a Handbook for Students and Postgraduates’, Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1949.


To be continued…