Zimbabwe: Fashion mogul gives back to the community

By Kenneth Matimaire – MUTARE, ZIMBABWE – When the South Africa based Zimbabwean fashion mogul Marco Machona was reunited with his school after 20 years to officiate a price giving ceremony, little did many know that his presence signifies the beginning of many wonders to come.

Ruffcuts Inc founder and C.E.O. Marco Machona

Ruffcuts Inc founder and C.E.O. Marco Machona

Machona was part of the first historic class that enrolled at Loreto High School in Lower Gweru when it reopened after the war.

In the same class was police Superintendent Andrew Phiri, minister in President’s office Flora Buka, Assistant Commissioner Makodza, Tetrad Bank executive Taya Chakarisa.

Barely a month after Machona made his historic date with the Catholic school, the Ruffcuts Wear boss revealed that they established the Former Loreto Student Association (FOLOSA).

Through Ruffcuts the association’s first project is to open a university at Loreto with the clothing company becoming the official manufactures of school uniforms in the country, revealed Machona.

These developments will see Ruffcuts manufacturing uniforms for 60 schools in the country, which will benefit the targeted schools to generate income.

“We are re-branding the image of schools in the country by manufacturing uniforms for them and we have already started working on the papers.

“The project covers 60 Zimbabwean schools, making them financially viable as they will be able to generate extra income by working with Ruffcuts,” he said.

“We manufacture at the lowest cost possible and in advance. Schools simply give us their totals and we will be tasked to make uniforms for each and every student,” he explained. The fashion mogul further said the school simply have to identify a place at their premises for Ruffcuts to erect a shop, were the merchandise will be sold.

This comes seven months after the international clothing company sealed a deal with the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) to be the merchandise sponsors for the Sevens (7s) rugby squad for the next three years.