Somalia: 15 dead and dozens others have been wounded in fresh fighting

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – 15 dead and dozens others have been wounded in fresh fighting between Al fighters and government troops backed by African Union peacekeepers in Mogadishu.

Witneseses says soldiers and fighters were among those who were killed in the battle. The gun battle started around midnight and continued until the morning.

The sound of the weapons is being heard across the city, 4 died in same place after mortar shell hit their home as they were slept last night.

“My brother Husein, his son, wife  and including our house mate were killed in morter hit our home, we dont know where exactly we were shelled from. Our home is located in Bondereh village close to the Northern frontline “, said Abdi Hakim Sheikh one of the family speaking to me on the phone.

Some residents are expressing concerns of some more violence because of increasing arms patrolling in the streets of Mogadishu today. Some of the residents near the combat zone began fleeing to escape the conflict.

The clashes coincided with the event of Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo being approved by the Somali parliament to start to play his new role in governing to restore peace and security across the country. Somalia which has no factional state since 1991 paralysed by meaningless bloodshed and insurgency threat which lead the nation as major piracy base.