Somali government speak-out over Adisababa meeting

Mohamed Nuxurkey (Mogadishu) -After international conference in Adisababa in which attended by delegates from the Somali government, the inter-governmental authority on development (IGAD) , foreign diplomacies and other top officials who were seriously debated on the current plight of Somalia and the rule of Somali transitional federal government ,  a worthy of achievements had been reported according to the ministry of information for the Somali government.

“It is really a mile stone for the future of our country and the national security what had been reached in Adisababa summit said Abdirahman engineer Yareso the minister of information for Somali transitional federal government (TFG).

This had comes amid president Sharif Ahmed pledged that his government should soon take-over the remaining locations across the country by force if necessary,

Also the speaker man of the African union peacekeeping mission in Somalia known as AMISOM urged the Islamist militias to reduce their attacks during the holy month of Ramadan,

For the faith of Islam and the their worship of this month added Mr. Brighie Bhoku,

Security operations launched in Mogadishu

Extended operations for security issues is yet underway in parts of the capital Mogadishu where currently is controlled by the Somali government,

According to the senior police commanders several suspected men were arrested during the operations,

“Our policemen and women will continue their operations and should observe for brilliant responsibility said Abdullah Hassan Barrisseh,

The security reasons is our main target and of course we intended to explore ways of more securable for the capital says Mr. Barrisseh,

Soldiers wearing police uniform were seen in the streets of the capital Mogadishu, who is involving for the operations to prevent such violent acts,

Police operations is maintained by the Somali government since planted landmines were hit of the convoy of AU soldiers patrolling near their military basis in Mogadishu in the last week.

This is a part of ongoing straggle in which the government is desired to undertake its goals and set mutual pluralism among the community in the country and support for their national government.

Somalia had been insecurity for almost twenty years of violence and chaotic dilemmas.