Opinion: Response to Obama for his Africa Plan at only 4 months from the US election

TRANSLATED BY:  Luis Franque  South Africa, 16 July 2012 – By Jean-Paul Pougala – Last Thursday, 14/06/2012, Obama released the funniest joke of the year: he has a plan to save Africa. Worse, he discovers that Africa could develop despite his bombs. He said that Côte d’Ivoire was a victory, that the Libya was a victory. He said that divided Sudan into several pieces has been its success in Africa.

I Want to ask him, Mr President, in what planet does he live on ?

I want to ask him if taking in hostage an African Head of state (President Laurent Gbagbo) confined in a cell of the Dutch called Hague TPI cirque, is a success?

I want to ask him if he can go in holiday in the new Libya, Obama version with his wife and 2 daughters. Even the American Consulate in the safe stronghold of the CNT in Benghazi is taken for daily bombs target. The solution: media who yesterday were all said to be go bomb the Libya to hunt a dictator and install democracy, have simply chosen to put the head under the sand and remain silent about the many daily deaths in this country. They prefer to continue to lie on contracts for gas, French supermarkets etc…

Bravo Obama, your plan for Africa?

Thank you, but we did not want, it. We haven has seen enough from you. Give it to the American people, apply it to your own people that dark each day in the deepest poverty and for 4 years has still not seen the shadow of solution to its problems of poverty from you. How can you save a continent of 1 billion people, if you are not able to give work to the American people who voted you for this?

Obama said he wants to counter the Chinese in Africa. After attempting to curb Chinese investment on our continent, now he has found the miracle solution that is to unleash his American speculators without faith or morality in Africa to counter the Chinese. In only 5 months of power, will he has the time to understand that he is completely beside the plate? But after the Tony Blair plan for Africa, 10 years ago to also stop China in Africa, after the plans for 7 of the 10 candidates in the last French presidential elections of 22/04/2012 to stop China in Africa etc. Within all this saga, the questions have plagued me for the past 10 years are:

·        why were they not worried with the same Chinese investments in South America?

·        Why is Obama not forcing to block the China investments caravan towards U.S. a claims to belong country?

·        why and only Africa?

The answer is only one : they still see us (Africans) as their property, their slaves fallow.

(the remainder of this article will be available Monday 17/06/2012) Jean-Paul Pougala

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Benghazi in prey to a series of anti-Western attacks

www.leMonde.fr. 15.06.2012 at 19: 23 • updated the 15.06.2012 at 19: 23

By Benjamin Barthe

Benghazi is shaken for a month by a series of attacks that targeted symbols of the presence or Western style of life in Libya. Claimed by obscure Islamist groups, these attacks which did not kill but the authorities seem to be for the time being powerless to stem the tide due to massive growing concerns within Libyans. Tuesday, June 12, the Pan-Arab Al-Quds Al-Arabi, London based daily, wondered in his editorial title: “Al-Qaeda attacks Benghazi?”.

The concern is greater that this wave of violence occurs within three weeks of a crucial deadline for the future of the post-revolutionary Libya: the election of a constituent Assembly, on 7 July, intended to replace the national transition Council (CNT), the political arm of the rebellion anti-Gaddafi, who was flying to date the transition.



The last date attack targeted a beauty salon, Wednesday, 13 June, whose front was bombarded by people travelling by car. No one was injured in the fire. According to the Herald Libya, a Libyan information, the owner, Ghazaleh Bahja site, had earlier received threats from a group of unknown men who he had told to close his shop. Two days earlier, the convoy carrying the British Ambassador in Libya was the subject of an attack rocket.

Two of his bodyguards were injured in the ambush, which would have been conducted, according to a video sent to the local authorities by claiming Al-Qaeda extremists.

Tuesday, June 5, is the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, which was the victim of a bomb attack. The explosion, which blew that low damage, was claimed by “Brigades of jailed Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman”, according to the American Agency SITE, specialized in the monitoring sites jihadists, who adds that she was to avenge the death of the number two of Al-Qaeda, Libyan Abu Yahya Al Libi, killed June 4 by a U.S. drone in Pakistan.

Nicknamed “blind Sheikh”, 73 years old, the Egyptian Omar Abdel Rahman was sentenced in 1995 to life imprisonment by American justice, for his involvement in plans to attack targets in New York.

The same brigades are attributed the authorship of the attack, on 22 may, against local to the international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Benghazi, accused of engaging in the spread of Christianity. The Swiss humanitarian organization was covered by a second explosion, on June 12, before its offices in Misrata, a port city, 150 km east of Tripoli.

Security officials in Benghazi are trying to downplay the significance of these attacks, that they tend to interpret as a maneuver to destabilize, led by former Kadhafistes.

“Our information on Libyan Islamist groups we suggest that they do not want to switch in terrorism, said Mustafa Seguesli, a figure of the revolution, named leader of the Veterans Committee, in charge of the conversion of the former rebels.” “We look instead for the thesis of the conspiracy, fomented by elements of the former regime, to discredit the new Libyan authorities, by showing that they do not control the situation.”

According to him, these attacks do not justify delay once again the elections, which have already been displaced from June 20 to July 7 for technical reasons. “Benghazi, life is normal, our children go to school, restaurants are open and business picked up slowly”.

A local journalist who prefers to remain anonymous critique this approach: “the authorities used us the argument of the fifth column whenever there is a problem, said.” “She won’t admit that there is a problem of fundamentalism because they have neither the will nor the ability to find the solution.”


In fact, the Government of Prime Minister Abderrahim Al – Kib, designated in the fall by the CNT, seems helpless against the mass of weapons in circulation. The programme of demobilization of the former “thuwar” (rebels) and integration into the structures of the Ministry of defence or the Interior, drags in length.

“The central Government is almost absent, weak and unable to control most of the areas of Libya while the force of armed militias continues to grow,” worried the editorial of Al-Quds Al-Arabi.

Lack of response from the authorities, the civil society of Benghazi does not hesitate to take the initiative. Thursday, June 7, hundreds of Islamists armed, landed in Derna, bastion of Libyan religious extremism, to the East of Benghazi, but also to other cities of the coast, staged a show of force, by investing instead of release, hence where the revolution began in February 2011.

The Kalashnikov slung, wobbling on anti-aircraft batteries installed on pick-up, they waved black flags and brandished banners bearing slogans in the elections: “democracy is a Western and non-Islamic system”, “democracy is an atheist”.

Shocked by the outbreak of these fanatics in a place also symbolic, inhabitants of Benghazi poured quickly on the place. To the cries of “The Libya is United”, “the Libya is not the Afghanistan”, they managed to reject little by little the intruder. The next evening, to properly mark their victory over fundamentalists, Benghazi youth organized a rap concert in a garden in the city centre.

Benjamin Bartholomew Tchepnang



TRANSLATED BY:   Luis Franque  South Africa, 16 july 2012