Minister #ReleaseTheReport

Dr Nzimande received the no-fees report in 2012, and yet he is continuously failing to release it. I’m disappointed how the Congress is, after such a long period in democracy. The corruption within the system, the level and relevance of this curriculum. Yes, I stand with young people as in demanding that Dr Nzimande must #ReleaseTheReport I’m part of the youth of this generation.

Activator, Ndumiso Sokhela

Ndumiso is one of many young South Africans who are fighting injustices in the South African Higher Education system [and beyond]. Even after President Jacob Zuma announced that there would be a 0% fee increase in the year 2016, thousands of struggling students still remain excluded from accessing Higher Education due to affordability reasons. and ACTIVATE! Change Drivers encourage students and young people to put pressure on Blade Nzimande to release the ‘no-fee’ varsity report. “If we raise enough awareness about this report, we can put pressure on Minister Blade to release the report and address the current varsity fees crisis.”, Activator Nqaba Mpofu

According to, the ‘no-fees’ Varsity report commissioned by Dr. Blade in 2012 shows that South Africa can introduce free varsity education for students from low-income households, yet Dr. Blade has not released the report to the public to date.

Young [and old] people can visit and send an already-drafted letter to Minister Blade Nzimande, urging him to release the ‘No-fee’ report.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Honorable Dr Nzimande and Vice-Chancellors Habib, Price, Mabizela, De la Rey, van Jaarsveld, Makhanya, de Villiers, Rensburg and Tom,


We are not fooled by Fridays 0% fee increment announcement. All of you have failed to raise or discuss the fact that the ‘No-Fees Varsity’ report commissioned by the Department of Higher Education, SHOWS our government can afford to introduce free varsity education for students from low-income households [1]. Education is a right, and not a privilege. The commodification of education further perpetuates poverty by excluding the poor black child.


We will not stop until the following demands are met:


  1. That Minister Blade Nzimande release the 2012 ‘No-fees Varsity’ Report for public consumption and implementation.
  2. That the Minister announce a fee reduction percentage for the year 2016 for institutions of higher learning and training.
  3. That the Minister makes a concrete commitment to propose the legislation of, free education in higher education and learning at the next National Assembly sitting.
  4. That the Minister and Vice Chancellors show that you that he has or plans to immediately end the outsourcing of workers at institutions of higher learning and training, as part of a 3 year plan of gradually phasing out outsourcing.
  5. That the Minister announce and agrees that Financial Aid (NSFAS) be extended to Agricultural colleges.
  6. That the Minister publicly declare that the staff and students that elect to exercise their constitutional right to protest should not be subjected to any disciplinary action.
  7. That the current payment structure for international students be altered, to one which provides that Afrikan nationals are to pay as local South African nationals do. This includes the removal of international levies for Afrikan nationals.
  8. That students with outstanding fees are not prevented by any institution from writing exams.
  9. That all Vice-Chancellors, members of Council and management are strongly held accountable for disingenuous action against students, including interdicts.
  10. That there be transparency in the higher education budget.
  11. That there be transparency in the NSFAS budget.

12 That higher education immediately intervenes in the issues of the name changes and symbols in the decolonisation project, as raised by students in 2015.

  1. That all students who register to a South African institution do a compulsory local indigenous language.
  2. Access to education is improved through the inclusion of translation offices at institutions which will have the task of translating material into languages represented by the student demographics.
  3. The restructuring of senior governing bodies and staff profiles in institutions of higher learning to reflect the national demographics.
  4. That university registration fees be standardised.
  5. That higher education institutions intervene in the composition of university councils that remain a white cis-het male club.
  6. That higher education institutions hires black, progressive female vice chancellors.
  7. That institutions make higher education available to members of supporting staff who would like to further their education.
  8. That police are removed from campuses where protests are happening.


[1] No-fee varsity report gathers dust No-fee varsity report gathers dust, Bongani Nkosi for the Mail & Guardian, 27 March 2015