LIBERIA: Ivorian Company Partners With GOL In Infrastructure Development

By: Augustine N. Myers – As part of efforts by the Liberian Government to speed up with the nation’s post-conflict development drive, an Investment Company “SEK Liberia” has begun partnership with Government.

Officials of SEK Liberia, with some equipment at the back

Officials of SEK Liberia, with some equipment at the back

The partnership between Government and SEK Liberia has led to an agreement for the Logan Town – Mombo Town Road Pavement Project.

The Project which has already commenced, will ensure quality asphalt pavement of 3.19 kilometers or 2 miles of residential neighborhood road that links Logan Town –Mombo Town Communities.

The outcome of the Project, according to the Liberian Government, contributes to the Roads and Bridges objective of its Poverty Reduction Strategy which commits to the rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of primary or secondary, feeder and neighborhood roads and one of the Public Works Ministry’s deliverables in the PRS that commits to the rehabilitation and construction of 150 miles of neighborhood roads in Monrovia and County Seats.

Strategically, the Project actions are said to be aligned with PRS’ overarching strategy on roads and bridges that commits to ensuring that all roads are pliable all year round and there is requisite capacity for a road maintenance program.

In addition, the Project outcome is aligned with one of the Public Works Ministry’s strategy medium to long term objectives that aims to transform key laterite roads to asphalt roads.

SEK’s key activities also include asphalt pavement, improvement of drainage systems, installation of requisite signagees along the road and community involvement and participation in the construction works.

It is envisaged, when completed the road will positively impact trade and commence and increase community level access to basic services, including health and education facilities for more than 250,000 road users and community residents. The total cost of the project is US$1,671,903.80 and is being implemented by Koman Enterprises (SEK) and has during of 3 months, with support from the Liberian Government.

The Company hired by the Liberian Government for the pavement of the Logan Town-Mombo Town Road, “SEK Liberia” has reiterated its commitment to partner with Government in the growth and development of post-conflict Liberia.

The Director General of SEK Liberia, Mr. Collins Ciafa says the Company’s activities are part of efforts by the Liberian Government and International partners to ensure infrastructure development, especially road rehabilitation and construction.

Mr. Ciafa speaking Tuesday during the official groundbreaking ceremony of the Logan Town-Monbo Town road project, said the Project followed the decision by Government to pave the road in order to ease huge traffic congestion around the Duala market area.

He said SEK Liberia participated in a bidding process, and was successful in winning the road construction contract for the Logan Town-Mombo Town road project.

He disclosed that the construction of the road will last for 2-to-3 months, and will be turned over to the Liberian Government and the people of Logan Town and Monbo Town communities, for use.

According to him, the road will be paved with asphalt, and said the project is valued at one million, six hundred thousand United States dollars.

He said SEK Liberia which is an Ivorian Company, is partly owned by Liberians. According to him, the Company which is well known in Abidjan, has extended its branch to Liberia as part of efforts to contribute to Liberia’s post-conflict reconstruction and development.

He further disclosed that SEK Liberia as an experienced Construction Company with over 30 years in the business, has built modern roads across Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Guinea, among others, and will continue same in Liberia.

He said the contract which is the first asphalt pavement project, will be carried out successfully to prove to the Liberian people about the competence of the Company, in its partnership with Government to develop Liberia.

According to him, the Company is currently focusing on road construction, and will be extended to Sinoe. He further said the Company is presently operating between Zwedru and Greenville, and that they are doin g the culverts on the Bomi highways.

He also disclosed that the Company has an investment of over two million United States dollars, together with heavy duty equipment which demonstrate their ability to professionally perform and deliver.

The Chairman of Koman Enterprises (SEK Liberia) Inc. Mr. Komah Mamady speaking through an interpreter said the Company has branches in other African Countries, and that it continues to portray commitment and professionalism in the discharge of work entrusted to it.

According to him, their presence in Liberia will also enhance the professional skills of Liberian engineers in the construction of modern roads across the Country.

Mr. Mamady said their interest to partner with the Liberian Government for the development of post-conflict Liberia, stands from the fact that as Africans, they are all part of the West African Sub-region.

He further urged Liberians to join them as Koman Enterprises (SEK Liberia) partners with the Liberian Government in achieving the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Also present at the program was a member of the Team of Koman Enterprises (SEK Liberia) Inc. Mr. Mustapha S. Saysay, Official Representative, (FOUNDER-RL), who is working very hard to ensure the success of the Company in Liberia.

The Logan Town-Monbo Town road construction project which has already started, is a 2-mile road to be paved with asphalt to link the two Communities, thereby reducing the traffic congestion along the Monrovia-Duala route.

The 3.19 km Logan Town-Mombo Town road is estimated at one million, six hundred thousand united States dollars (1, 671, 000), and is fully financed by the Liberian Government.

The groundbreaking ceremony was performed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and witnessed by Public Works Minister, Samuel Kofi Woods, and other officials of Government and development partners, including hundreds of Liberians and foreign residents, most of whom came from the Logan Town and Mombo Town Communities.