Kenya To Host Conference on Good Governance

ARUSHA  Over 100 participants drawn from the East African Community Partner States’ key ministries and Government institutions, regional and international organizations and civil society will this week attend the EAC Conference on Good Governance in Nairobi, Kenya.

The conference, whose theme is “Good Governance for Sustainable Integration, Stability and Development” is slated to take place 19-21 August at the Nairobi Hilton Hotel. It is organized by the EAC Secretariat and will build on the momentum of the first conference held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in January 2009.

The issues to be discussed at the conference include Human Rights, Corruption, Electoral Processes, Rule of Law and Administration of Justice and how these affect stability and development in the region.

“The EAC programme on Good Governance is an attempt to harmonize national instruments and efforts in place with a view to upgrading them to the national level in conformity with best practices,” EAC Deputy Secretary General (Political Federation), Hon. Beatrice Kiraso, said.

“Like all other policy issues, the EAC is trying to set similar benchmarks and standards of governance and democracy-related issues,” she underlined.

“The EAC is in the process of developing a Protocol in consultation with various agencies, including Electoral Commissions, Anti Corruption Authorities, the EAC Chief Justices Forum, Civil Society Organizations and Political Parties, among others,” Hon. Kiraso added.

The Good Governance Draft Protocol will be discussed widely by a range of stakeholders before it is concluded and signed by the Heads of State.

The Nairobi Conference will be attended by Ministers for Home /Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, EAC Affairs, Justice/Constitutional Affairs, Finance and Attorneys General.

Also Human Rights Commissions, Electoral Commissions, Speakers of National Assemblies, Members of National Parliaments, East African Legislative Assembly, East African Court of Justice, East African Law Society,Anti-Corruption authorities, Governors of Central Banks, Directors of Public Prosecutions, Auditors-General and the Media will attend.

International bodies that have confirmed participation include the United Nations Development Agency (UNDP), UN-International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, African Union (AU), UN High Commissioner for Refugees, AU Human and Peoples’ Rights Court and the European Union.

Major discussions are expected to address Strengthening Administration of Justice and Upholding the Rule of Law in East Africa; Promotion and Protection of Human Rights as Prerequisite for Good Governance; and Combating and Preventing Corruption and the relationship between governance, peace and security and development.

The conference will also address the Upholding Democracy: Regular, free and transparent elections as an anchor to democratic governance as well the Role of Media in Promoting Good Governance.