Gambia: Foreign Powers urged to respect African sovereignty.

By Femi Peters – Giving press statements on the stand of the Gambian Government on pertinent issues happening in Africa and across the Globe. The Secretary General and Head of Civil Service of the Republic of the Gambia, Dr Njogou L Bah consistently highlighted the influence of Foreign Powers on various political issues affecting the African Continent and how such decision encroach on the Sovereignty of these states.

Dr Njogou further remarked on specific countries undergoing various crises in African like Ivory Coast, as he encouraged them to settle amicably without resulting to war, as lessons could be learnt from the last civil war which was witnessed in Ivory Coast and the likes of Liberia and Sierra Leone. He did not fail to add that mostly the foreign or western countries are those who benefit from such wars because they engage in selling of arms. The Gambia would always support peace.

On the crises in Sudan, he urged the Government of Sudan to ensure a free and fair election as all factions should disregard their differences and unite and the Government of The Gambia supports the referendum exercise in Sudan. He made reference to the present political stability in Guinea Conakry as working together in unity is a must, Guinea would still be having bitter tribal clashes if the country had not opted for peace and he finally urged all politicians in that country to work with Alpha Konteh as presidential Elect.

He singled out the Failure of AU to live up to expectations in resolving the issues in Somalia and also blamed the Western Influence. African leaders should work together to bring Somalia back to state. African Union and the Somalia Government should get rid of War Lords in Somalia. On prevailing crisis in DR Congo, all powers are only interested in Vast mineral resources in Congo while the foreign sponsored puppets should not be encouraged, making reference to some African Leaders who have full western citizenships, would definitely not have the interest of the African people at heart because at the turn of any serious crisis, they would abscond with their family and their ill acquired wealth.

Analsizing the issue in North and South Korea, the Gambia government remains neutral and solicits that war should be avoided in these countries at all cost. South Korea has a lot to loss if they get involved in a war and North Korea should stop being hostile, as their actions are irresponsible and shameful. He further added that the western Allies should let go.

Finally he remarked on the Wiki leaks saga, The western countries always use the press to make African leaders look bad and always fight for freedom of press in Africa but when the table is turned, they treat the issue of freedom of press as a criminal act, as noticed in the wiki leaks issue and how Julian Assange was treated as a criminal and was jailed for his act.