Gambia: Alleged International Child sexual abuser nabbed

By Own Correspondent – Svien Age Sandaker, a Norwegian residing in Brufut Village,  was last Wednesday, 22nd December, 2010 nabbed by the police following a tip-off of his alleged involvement in a homosexual scandal.

In a short briefing with reporters at the police headquarters in Banjul about the alleged incident, ASP Yerro Mballow,  assistant police spokesperson, said on the 22nd of December 2010, the Interpol Unit of the Gambia Police Force received a tip-off from their counterparts in Norway about one Svien Age Sandaker, a Norwegian citizen now residing in The Gambia. He reaffirmed that the accused was once convicted of child sexual offence in Norway and that he is suspected to be engaged in the same act in The Gambia.

ASP Mballow said that the Interpol in Banjul dispatched a team of investigators to Brufut to locate the said Svien Age Sandaker and that at 20:40 hours the team arrived at his Brufut residence. He revealed that they found him sitting with six Gambian young boys who are between the ages of 6 and 10 and that two of those boys are staying with their parents and the accused person in the same compound. “All the six boys stayed with the accused in his house and slept there because he is taking care of their feeding and education,” ASP Mballow remarked.

He revealed that when the accused was arrested, a search was conducted in his house and some memory cards  were recovered from him. According to him, during the investigation, the police opened the memory cards and saw pictures where he used his private parts on the boys so that he could have sexual feelings. The accused was brought to the police headquarters and he is helping the police in their investigation.