Democratic Alliance’s Dirty Tactics To Woo MPs, Says ANC

South Africa’s ANC party said that the indications by the Democratic Alliance that it will engage in whatever means, including employing underhand methods, to influence targeted ANC MPs to vote against the Protection of Information Bill is a serious affront to the integrity of parliament and established democratic processes.

“As the leading opposition party, the DA should respect the available avenues provided for by our constitutional democracy and contribute superior arguments to influence the process, rather than strike secret deals, including dispensing cash parcels, to woo MPs to vote in its favour,” said the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, ANC Parliamentary Caucus
Parliament of the Republic of South Africa in Cape Town.

“The objective of public consultation on Bills is to ensure that the views of the public are taken into consideration when Parliament votes them into law. Dispensing patronage to targeted MPs so that they vote according to the interest of the DA, is a dirty strategy aimed at usurping the will of the people and undermining the trust they have in their parliament.”

“We wish to advice the DA to desist from this form of lobbying and begin playing a serious role in the current parliamentary public consultation process and public discourse pertaining to this Bill. It is foolhardy for the DA to hope to succeed under the cover of darkness that which it is unable to achieve in broad daylight. Such a dirty strategy is bound to backfire.”