Automobile Association Supports Lights On Campaign

By Own Correspondent – The Automobile Association urges motorists to switch on their headlights in support of road safety. Motorists have been asked by LeadSA and the National Department of Transport to switch on their headlights (not “brights”) in support of road safety.

In this regard the Automobile Association of South Africa has issued a renewed call for government to implement compulsory daytime running lights (DRL) on both taxis and vehicles over 3500kg and at the same time, permit motorcycles to display amber / yellow headlamps.

“The visibility benefits of DRL to road safety are well-proven world-wide, but South Africa has additional problems with truck roadworthiness,” said AASA Head of Public Affairs, Gary Ronald.

“If we could get all heavy vehicles to drive with their lights on, it would be of great assistance to the traffic authorities in identifying unroadworthy vehicles. Also, if a vehicle’s lights are not working, traffic officers could then immediately categorise the vehicle as being higher risk for other roadworthiness defects and make the necessary inspections,” he added.

“Permitting the use of an amber headlamp cover would allow for the differentiation of vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists”, he continued.

“The Automobile Association of South Africa has tirelessly campaigned for road safety for many years. It is incredibly rewarding to know that this hard work is now being backed by organisations such as the United Nations, and now the South African government,” added Ronald.

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