Anti Quran burning demonstrations held in Somalia.

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – Hundreds of angry demonstrators gathered at Mogadishu’s main stadium in the capital to day , condemning for the burn of Islamic holy book of Quran , the rally was organized by the islamist Alshabab to show their anger against the burning of the Quran.

The rally at Mogadishu’s main stadium

Protesters were shouting ALLAH is great ALLAH is great , and other words to oppose such action,  some of the top leaders of Shabab addressed to the people during their stand being encouraging them to make sure that the Quran should be defended where ever in the world.

“brothers we have the same sorrow of such this harsh action against our faith and will not be endured however ,  if they burn the holy Quran it will exists but only to show what they keep in mind said  spokes man of Al-Shabab sheikh Mohamud Ali Raggeh.

Demonstrations against the act of an American man who said that he is burning the Islamic holy book of Quran become more organized entire the world, rising outreach among all Muslims in the world.

Protestors at Mogadishu’s main stadium

Also several regions of the country which is controlled by the Islamist Al-Shabab are observed such demonstrations against the burning of Holy Book of Quran.

Also in Mogadishu government leaders joined in a serious debate among the Somali parliamentarians that is directly giving a voice for the mps them self to say step down the prime minister Mr. Abdirashid Ali Sharmarkeh.

Somalia just a place where people are believing is a dominant of foreign policies are looking to be heading to a way which is full of darkness and worries.