Al-Shabab leader calls for another war in Somalia

By Mohamed Nuxurkey – One day only after the celebration of Muslim holidays of Eidul Fidrah the first leader of Somali’s Al-kaida linked group Al-shabaab Abdurrahman Mukhtar Abuzuber sent a strong message to the people as he was talking to pro Al-Shabab radio Fukan stationed in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia today.

“I want to tell our people that Alshabab is not fighting for self interest but we have the same goals of our brothers the mujahidiin in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Chechnya which aimed at expanding Islamic rule all over the world” said Abu Zuber.

The war in Somalia he said is meant to dismantle those who refused to see viable Islamic administration in Somalia forever.

“Please let us fight for the infidels who want to change our mind” he says. “In this straggle people are encouraged to join the jihad any time, and also we call all Somalis and overall nationals who are Muslims to unite with us so as to defeat the African Christians who were evaded in our soil” he added.

Sending Aid related congratulations the Sheikh said I hope you all Muslims very gracious year and be strong where ever you are.

Abu Zuber head of Al-Shabab fighters in Somalia prayed more efficiently for the Somali people and the Muslim world.

The speech of Abu Zuber is rare for some time in Somalia as other top leaders including the group’s former speaker Muktar Abu Robow, and current spokesperson Ali Mohmud Raggeh are often to address the people,

His speech also comes amid the Somali transitional federal government (TFG) is tackling to solve outrageous obstacles among its governing institutions including all the ministries which is operating in a small parts of the capital Mogadishu.

The United Nations member states and other western nations including the US warned possible threat which is emerging from the horn of Africa region war ton Somalia as Al-Shabab sustained their attacks against the UN backed government lead by Sharif Ahmed who was himself former leader of Islamic courts union which was overthrown by Ethiopian troops in mid 2006 bringing the Somali transitional federal government (TFG).

Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility of many suicide attacks in and outside Somalia including deadly suicide bombing at Shamo hotel in three December in 2009 followed by Kampala bombings which left hundreds to lose their lives.

And the yesterday’s latest  twin suicide attacks that hit in to the Aden Adde  international airport of the capital Mogadishu which killed at least 11 people including African union soldiers from Uganda, government forces, beggars people who are used to stay in front of the entrance  gate at the Airport and other ordinary people.