Children of Mothers, Children of the World

Children of Mother Africa, Mother of the World

We are all children of our mothers,

Our mothers are our blessed mothers.

Our mothers are the best gifts for us

Be they rich, poor, educated and non-educated,

Be they physically impaired or whole

Our mothers have the same love for us

“Sweet mother I no go forget you… for the suffer wey you suffer for me,” sings Prince Nico Mbarga.

« L’amour d’une mère ne s’éteind jamais » confirms Patience Dabany in her song.

Children of Mother Africa, Mother of the World

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia,

Pratibha Patil of India,

Julia Gillard of Australia,

Angela Merkeil of Germany,

Dilma Rousseff of Brazil,

Atifete Jahjaga of Kosovo,

Queens Elizabeth II, Margethe II and Beatrix

We are children of mothers and mothers of children.


Children of Mother Africa,

Be we leaders

Paul Biya, Obiang Nguema, Goodluck Johnathan,

Jacob Zuma, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron


Be we the wealthiest men

Carlos Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet,


Be we poor and homeless children

In Tchad, Kenya, Mali, Lesotho, Ivory Coast, Senegal,

North and South America, Europe and Asia,


Our mothers went through the same agony,

To bring us into the world.


Children of Mother Africa, Mother of the World

Protecting human lives

Protecting the planet for future generations,

Are our main tasks.

All mothers want their children

To be successful, to be the best,

“Dear Mama”,

“…I finally understand… for a woman it ain’t easy tryin to raise a man…

you always was committed,” Tupac sings.


Children of Mother Africa,

No mother is more motherly than the other,

So no child is more of a child than the other.

Our mothers are special to us

No one can take their places in our hearts.

“Ain’t no woman alive that could take my mama’s place,” Tupac declares.


Our mothers sacrifice for us.

“When I dey hungry, my mother go run up and down. She go find me something wey I go chop”

“When I dey sick, my mother go cry, cry, cry, she go say instead when I go die make she die” so again, sings Prince Nico Mbarga.


Children of Mother Africa,

Mothers don’t give birth to dictators, war lords, embezzlers,

Mothers don’t give birth to power mongers, thieves, murderers,

Mothers, in their tummies, don’t’ carry greedy people and arm robbers,

No mother wants her child to be a slave to another mother’s child.

No mother wants her child to be colonized by another mother’s child.

No mother wants her child to be a murderer of other mothers’ children.

Our mothers sacrifice their life time

To educate and train us to be the best

For we are all born out of love and with love.

Yes!  We are all brought into the world with love.

“Je t’ai élevé avec amour,” Patience Dabany declares in her song again.


Children of Mother Africa,

Mothers of children of Africa feel ashamed

When their children (presidents),

Unable to listen to brothers and sisters of the same nation

Hurriedly respond to the call of another mother’s child (president) of a Western nation.


Children of Mothers,

Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara,

Um Nyobe, Ernest Ouandie, Steve Biko

George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks

Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Aung San Su Ki,

We too have to conquer greed, fear and ignorance,

Be committed more than ever before,

To make our mothers and children happy.


Children of Mother Africa,

We have to change ourselves

We have to change our communities,

We have to change our countries,

We have to change Africa.

We must let peace and dialogue reign.

A dialogue whose absence in Somalia, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Libya, Nigeria,

Due to greedy politics, religious beliefs and ethnicity,

Is sending beyond both mothers and children.


Children of Mother Africa,

Presidents, why do you use your regimes

To transform children of other mothers to killing machines;

Who, assist other killers like AIDS, malaria, cancer, corruption,

Poverty, underdevelopment, ignorance and fear

To kill vulnerable children of other mothers.

We have to know that the love we have for our mothers and families

Is the same with those who elect us.

Running and listening to the west for advice to govern those who elect us,

Is as ridiculous as running after excrement for food,

When we have food right in our house.

We are elected so that together with our citizens,

We can manage the resources of our nations,

Develop Africa and help some poor continents

And some less privileged parts of the earth.


Children of Mother Africa,

Why do we kill ourselves, present and future mothers?

Why do we promote rebellion, anarchy?

Can a bullet or a missile give life, promote health,

Build classroom, tar roads, and give shelter?

Why are we one of the richest continent

And at the same time tagged as poor and heavily indebted?


Children of Mother Africa,

Our mothers from the urban and rural areas

Did not request any aid from the World Bank or the IMF,

To till the hard soil of western grasslands,

To conquer the dense equatorial timberlands,

To challenge the heat and cold of some desert regions

To raise us to be who we are today.


Children of Mother Africa,

We must realize that, contrary to what others make us believe,

We are a rich people in a rich continent.

We shouldn’t give room for others to exploit and transform us

To people who die of hunger in a midst of abundant food,

People who die of thirst in a pool of potable water,

People who die of sickness in the midst of drugs.


Children of Mother Africa,

Have we ever asked ourselves why the western nations

With all the atomic bombs, and

The most dangerous and recent missiles,

Never use them on their own lands?

Have we found out why elections problems in some western nations,

Don’t take them to violence?


Children of Mother Africa,

Let’s look at Effel Tour of France,

The tall and beautiful buildings of Chicago, New Jersey, New York,

Beautiful streets and amusement parks of Britain, Germany, and ask ourselves if

We think their presidents, Queens and citizens will ever allow a problem to escalate into the destruction of these beautiful and expensive edifices?


Children of Mother Africa,

It is astounding and degrading to find children

Of the ruling and non-ruling parties in African nations,

Treat one another with scorn, intimidation and as people of senseless opinions.


Children of Mother Africa,

Unity is strength,

It’s time to take the continent’s destiny into our hands.

A unity of weak people is stronger than a mishmash of strong people.

A unity of less educated people is more promising than a jumble of highly educated people.

We shouldn’t fall in the traps of our ignorant predecessors.

We, and not westerners, vote for our Presidents.

Their remuneration emanates from our hard work

and not from that of the citizens of the west.

So, they are accountable to us just as their counterparts of the west are accountable to their citizens


Children of Mother Africa,

Those of us in the armed force,

We are children of mothers,

The love from our mothers warrants us,

Not to allow ourselves to be transformed into killing machines of other mothers’ children.

Our mothers want to feel loved when we use our strength and knowledge

To kill killers of other mothers’ children like famine, illiteracy, bad roads, energy insufficiency, unfair exploiting acts towards our natural resources.


Children of Mother Africa,

Our bosses, our presidents, kings, queens, traditional rulers, the soldiers,

We are all children of our mothers

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be used as atrocious tools

In the hands of some fanatic officials

We shouldn’t bestow curses upon ourselves

By doing what we know is wrong.

Our mothers brought us into the world; groomed us with reason for us to use it rightly.

Awafong Julius T

Awafong Julius T

© Awafong Julius T.

Outreach Coordinator

VoteSizing Institute –

October 2011,

Yaounde – Cameroon