Appeals Chamber Hears Oral Arguments in the Bagosora and Nsengiyumva Case

The  Appeals  Chamber  of  the  International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, composed  of  Judge  Patrick Robinson, presiding, Judge Mehmet Güney, Judge Fausto  Pocar,  Judge  Liu Daqun, and Judge Theodor Meron, on 30 March 2011 and  1  April  2011,  heard  the  oral  arguments  in the appeals lodged by Théoneste Bagosora and Anatole Nsengiyumva against the Judgement pronounced by  Trial  Chamber I on 18 December 2008 and filed in writing on 9 February 2009.  The case of Aloys Ntabakuze, which was scheduled to be heard at this time, was severed from that of Bagosora and Nsengiyumva in the interests of justice due to unavailability of Ntabakuze’s Counsel to present his appeal.

The Trial Chamber found Bagosora and Nsengiyumva guilty of genocide, crimes against  humanity (murder, extermination, persecution, other inhumane acts, and,  for Bagosora only, rapes), and serious violations of Article 3 common to  the  Geneva Conventions and of Additional Protocol II (violence to life and,  for  Bagosora  only,  outrages  upon  personal  dignity)  for  crimes committed   in   April  and  June  1994  in  Kigali,  Gisenyi,  and  Kibuye prefectures.  The  Trial Chamber sentenced Bagosora and Nsengiyumva to life imprisonment.

Bagosora  and Nsengiyumva contend that the Trial Chamber committed a number of errors of law and fact and request the Appeals Chamber to overturn their convictions.  Bagosora requests in the alternative that the Appeals Chamber order a retrial.

At  the  time  of the relevant events, Bagosora was directeur de cabinet in the Rwandan Ministry of Defence, and Nsengiyumva served as Commander of the Gisenyi Operational Sector.

The  Appeals Chamber also heard the additional evidence of Marcel Gatsinzi, a witness of the Appeals Chamber, in relation to Bagosora’s appeal.