A look at some of the cheaper alternative treatments for HIV/Aids

By Anthony Realm – As of 2009, an estimate of thirty-five million people in the world are infected with HIV and Aids.  The largest concentration of this is in Africa, particularly Southern Africa, with almost twenty-three million people there infected with HIV.

Organization that help prevent and treat HIV as well as Cancer, have made many efforts to lower the cost and increase access, so more people could get the treatment they need.  Unfortunately, road blocks have still formed, often in the form of funding and support.  In Africa, one of the biggest problems is the poor economic and healthcare infrastructure.  The quantity of ARV’s in Africa is insufficient to treat each person in need of it.  To further this problem, qualified professionals able to administer the treatment, often migrate to other countries, leaving Africa is short supply.  In the U.S., the cost of HIV treatment on average is over $1,000 a month, and often breaks $20,000 a year.  Well beyond what many can afford nowadays.

With much of the HIV infected population unable to obtain mainstream medical treatment, many have turned to anything that can help, including alternative treatments.  One of the best things you can do if you are HIV Positive, is to educate yourself to the best of your ability, what HIV is, and what you can do to fight it.  I can’t cover everything you may need to know in this article, but I can give you a head start, by providing some valuable information that can help you in your pursuit for better health.

Let’s start with some basic information, and move forward from there.

HIV’ means ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ and it is apart of the Retrovirus family.  This virus infects important and vital cells in the immune system known as ‘T-cells’.  HIV infects these cells, mutates them, then multiplies to infect other cells.  When enough damage has been done to the immune system, then the person is said to have ‘Aids’, or ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’.

The most common form of treatment for HIV is an ‘ARV’, which means ‘Antiretroviral’, and it is best administered as soon as possible after being infected, and before your CD4 count (T-cells) drops below 500.  ARV’s act as inhibitors, interfering with the retrovirus ability to duplicate, and halting its progression.  In most cases, when HIV infected cells replicate, the daughter cells are often inferior to the mother cell.  But, this is not always the case, as sometimes the daughter cells end up superior to the mother cell and therefore able to better evade the body’s natural defences, as well as the effects of the Antiretroviral drugs.  When this occurs, doctors often result to HAART, or Hyper Active Antiretroviral Therapy.  HAART merely consists of multiple ARV drugs instead of just one.  This helps ensure that the virus doesn’t bypass any defensive interference the ARV’s provide.  Most therapies and protocols are very strict; once Antiretroviral Therapy has started, it rarely is stopped.

Nutrition plays an important role in the treatment and even prevention of HIV, as proper nutrition helps boost the immune system’s ability to fend off microbes.  It is important to understand that most diseases are caused by, or augmented by, microbes; this includes Bacteria, Virus and Fungus.  Many studies have shown a link between malnutrition and HIV positive patients.  Both in the person as well as the environment.  Low levels of Carotenoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Selenium and Zinc are especially noted.

Dr. H.D. Foster, a Geology and Geography specialist, discovered a link between Selenium deficient soil and the foods that grow from them, and an increase in HIV/Aids in the area.  Selenium is a trace mineral, found most commonly in Meat, Fish, Cereal, Egg and Brazil Nuts.  Essential to our diet, and a powerful Antioxidant, it benefits the immune system’s natural killer cells and their ability to kill infected cells in the body.  Research conducted at the University of Miami on Selenium’s effect on HIV, showed in a double blind study, that a 200 microgram supplement of Selenium, helped prevent HIV from progressing, and in some, even improved their CD4 count.


HIV promotes a strong and destructive Pro-oxidant state within the body.  This Oxidative state produces stress that can damage cells and tissue in the body.  Since we are on the subject of nutrition, I should mention a food that can help.  Grapes!  Grapes not only have a full assortment of nutritional value, including; Vitamins B12 and C, Selenium, Zinc and Resveratrol, as well as much more.  But it also acts as a powerful Antioxidant, thus reducing cell and tissue damage.  In-fact to illustrate some of the power of grapes, there is something called the French Paradox.  Researchers have found that the French regularly eat more animal fat, which has been linked to greater chances of disease, such as Heart Disease.  The Paradox comes in when the French maintain a low incidence of Heart Disease.  This is primarily believed to be due to their high consumption of red wine and the Resveratrol in it.  Resveratrol is currently being researched as alternative treatments for cancer and HIV for its potent qualities.  It is believed to work by halting both cancer and HIV from progressing and replicating, and even is believed to induce cell death within cancer cells.

Back in the 1920’s, Johanna Brandt, an immigrant from South Africa, developed what she called, a cure, derived from grapes.  It was shortly titled, the Brandt Grape Cure, and it was believe to cure both cancer and reverse HIV, through it potent Antioxidant, detoxifying and nutritional properties.  Though the cure has been ridiculed as being a hoax, it is only now that some of the many properties of grapes are getting a second look, as we are discovering some of its potential in the area of fighting diseases.   This treatment starts off by cutting all other foods from your diet before going on a 12 hour water fast.  After 12 hours, you casually consume grapes (preferably concord or purple grapes, with the skin and seeds intact) over the next 12 hours as well as your drinking water accordingly.  Afterwards, you start the process over again until healthy.

The theory is, the fasting puts your body into a more starved state as well as the infected cells, then when you eat the grapes, the disease fighting qualities of the grapes are what the diseases themselves get instead.  It is important to note that the skin and seeds should be intact and the grapes themselves, fresh and unprocessed, as that’s where a majority of these nutrients come from.


Another way to treat HIV may be in a whole other direction entirely, with poison!  Well sort of anyways.  Back in 1966, a Turkish doctor by the name of Huseyin Ziya Ozel started researching alternative ways to treat Cancer.  He ran across an old folk remedy involving the Nerium Oleander plant, that had been used for ages and noticed that those using the remedy, where mostly free of diseases.  The plants usage can be traced all the way back 3,500 years ago to the ancient Babylonians, for medicinal purposes.  Nerium Oleander, or more widely known as just Oleander, is a member of the Dogbane family of plant, and is a fairly common plant throughout the world.  It is also notoriously toxic if a sufficient quantity is ingested.  However, if the poison is properly diluted enough, it becomes non-toxic to humans.  Dr. Ozel later patented an extract form of the remedy, named Anvirzel.

Some of the compounds found in Oleander are, Oleandrin, Quercetin, Beta-sitosterol, Linoleic-Acid, Ursolic-Acid and Oleic Acid.  Each compound helps fight HIV in their own way, respectively.  They help lower infectivity and replication of HIV, boost the immune system, helps maintain cell membrane health, nutrient use and cellular metabolism, helps promote Antioxidants and sometimes improve CD4 count.  Many of the acids listed above are also used in many health and cosmetic products.

Research is still underway as to how exactly Oleander works against HIV, but the results of several studies are very promising.  Laboratory and clinical studies indicate that it has cytotoxic and immunomodulating qualities.  Research at the University of Texas Health and Science has confirmed that the Oleander extract, stimulates the immune system, and more specifically T and B Lymphocytes.  In April of 2000, Anvirzel was approved for the phase 1 study by the FDA, in which it passed.

The extract is often taken in capsule form, which can be purchased from several manufacturing companies.  Though if the price of the extract is too high, there is another way, though a bit risky.  It is known as Oleander Soup, and you can make it at home, if you have all the materials and take the proper precautions.  Remember, this plant is toxic, so don’t touch the plant directly, especially the sap, which can be absorbed into the skin.

First you cut the leaves from an Oleander plant to a size which could fit into a pot, and fill the pot to about 2 inches from the top.  Add water till it reaches the top of the trimmed leaves, and pack the leaves down a little.  Place the lid on the pot and boil slowly for 4 hours.  After boiling for 4 hours, use tongs to remove the leaves and any additional plant matter.  Continue to boil the liquid for an additional 3 hours.  At this point, about less then half of the original amount of liquid should be remaining, and you let it cool to room temperature for about 2 hours.  The viscosity of the remaining liquid should resemble chicken broth.  Once cooled, strain the liquid through 4 large coffee filters, to remove any remaining plant matter.  Then filter it a second time with another 4 coffee filters.  To preserve, add equal parts of either 80 proof vodka or Apple Cider Vinegar.  For flavour, you can add concentrated organic grape juice.  Poor into a 20 oz bottle and refrigerate.

When drinking it, drink slowly.  At about 1/4th a teaspoon, once or twice a day at most, and gradually increase over several months till you reach a tablespoon, 3 times daily.  When drinking, hold the liquid under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing, to allow it to mix with enzymes produced by your mouth.  Remember to research thoroughly and take as many precautions as possible before attempting this.

Blood Electrifier

Likely the most popular alternative treatment is the Blood Electrifier, popularized by the late Bob Beck after he rediscovered and formulated this protocol.  The treatment was first discovered and patented by Dr. Kaali and Dr. Lyman in 1990.  There are 4 parts to this treatment, the Blood Electrifier, the Magnetic Pulser, Silver Colloid, Ozonated water.  The Blood Electrifier is a device that works by applying 2 electrodes to the wrist, one on the Radial artery, the other on the Ulnar artery, then passing a 4 hertz alternating electric current at about 50-100 microamperes through the surface of the skin.  The current passes into the blood which breaks off important enzymes on the surface of microbes, which then prevents the microbes from functioning properly and entering human cells and multiplying.  This current can also kill bacteria as well as pathogens.

After running into a few cases in which the HIV/Aids returned because the virus was hiding in corners of the body, such as in root canals, the stomach and lymph nodes. Bob Beck developed the Magnetic Pulser, a device designed to put back into circulation the microbes that don’t flow through the blood.  It works by passing an electric current through tissue and bone at about 50 microamperes, and it can reach up to 12 inches, so it should be able to reach any part of the body.  The Blood Electrifier and Magnetic Pulser should not be used at the same time, and the Pulser is meant for short burst, and not for prolonged use.

Silver Colloid is potentially a very powerful antimicrobial substance when it is true and pure, and mixed with pure distilled water.  Silver has been used medicinally for centuries all the way up to present day.  It is used today for its Antibacterial, Antiseptic, Disinfectant qualities.  Make sure not to add salt or minerals to it as it can cause skin discoloration.  It is generally fine to drink it at any time, except for 2 hours prior, during and for at least 15 minutes after using the 2 electro-medicine devices.

Ozonated water is water charged with more oxygen, giving it a fresh and clean taste, by adding 2 additional oxygen molecules to the existing oxygen molecule.  This process, when consumed shortly after ozonating the water, gets more oxygen into the body.  Some of the benefits of Ozonated water are, it helps purify the body of toxins, provides the body with better energy, helps provide white blood cell singlets for the immune system, and it helps to kill bacteria and viruses.  Ozonated water on its own however probably won’t treat HIV/Aids.

Each of the 4 parts of the Bob Beck protocol can be made at home, including the electrifier and pulser.  The schematics and parts needed, as well as instructions on how to build the devices are beyond the scope of this article.  The Silver Colloid as well as Ozonated water can also be prepared at home.

The alternative treatments presented here are merely examples and are not complete by any means.  If you are to consider an alternative treatment, then please, research very thoroughly.  Make sure it is right for you, and that you know all there is to know about it before investing in it.  It should also be noted that each of these treatments have something that should not be taken with them, as some combinations can cause adverse reactions.  So please make sure when researching that you know to the best of your ability, what to do, what not to do, and how it works.

In closing, I hope this article was informative for you.  Nutrition and helping the immune system are what it’s all about, as that’s where the virus attacks.  Even keeping a positive attitude can help wonders.  Don’t give up!  There is more then one way to defend yourself and your health.

And if you have cancer or HIV, then I wish you the best of luck, and love.

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