Opinion: AIDS, the greatest crime in medical history – Origin and spread of AIDS

A new look at the criminal intention of the pharmaceutical-, medical-, political- and military- establishments causing the global AIDS-problem Part 1 of 20.

By Johan van Dongen, Amsterdam The Netherlands –  My finding that AIDS is the greatest crime in medical history really begins innocently as well as spectacular as I read about the vaccine experiments  of Robert Jenner, Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. When Jenner in 1791 discovered a cure for smallpox, which was very great news at that time, but to my surprise he took the “proof of the pudding” at his own eighteen months old son which would not initially come up to me.

Pleading for the ape, the truth behind AIDS and other virus infections - By Johan Van Dongen

Pleading for the ape, the truth behind AIDS and other virus infections - By Johan Van Dongen

AIDS, the greatest medical crime in history- By Johan Van Dongen

AIDS, the greatest medical crime in history- By Johan Van Dongen

More or less fifty years later, it was Pasteur who acted practically the same, because he also uses a child to test his first vaccine against rabies. Only two years after the experiment of Pasteur  it  was the third famous investigator Koch  who succeeded in the matter of developing BCG as a means to demonstrate tubercle bacillus TBC. Koch presented his findings in 1882 at a meeting of the Berlin Physiological Society.

Nowadays almost nobody knows how disastrous these first steps have been because, as an example,  Kochs’  vaccine causes TBC. As a consequence of these inoculations thousands of children and adults have died because of the contaminated vaccine – Kochs’ theory about this: “Because of this contamination no man on earth is free of viruses and other micro-organisms and when people get sick then we’re working against it now and in the future by making a drug in animals, but that is precisely the beginning of the end it will turn out.”

Because of the deadly events that the respective above mentioned famous doctors, or infamous if you like, it triggered me to think deeply about a statement by Albert Einstein as he mentioned as follows: “The important thing is not to stop questions.” And one of these questions is about the consequences of exchanging micro-organisms between animals and human beings in contaminated vaccines at a time that AIDS-causing viruses could not be detected.

Kochs’ statement gave me an almost monomaniacal urge to explore how AIDS yielded the greatest crime in medical history. This urge was reinforced by a number of facts that appear to me, dear reader, during the first steps I made into the medical establishments in the year 1969 at the age of twenty two.

When I was entering an experimental animal laboratory of the Academical Medical Hospital Dijkzigt and the Erasmus University Rotterdam the Netherlands as an animal  assistant, the lowest grade of an animal technician, for the first time, I could not imagine how my decision would affect the further development of my life. At one hand I was overwhelmed by having such an opportunity to work with doctors and professors and the possibility to study everything I like in the field of medicine and paid well by the Dutch government, and on the other hand it looked to me as if I had entered a concentration camp of Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

Still, in no time I was head over heels in an educational and animal research process, of course they say for saving lives of innocent and very sick children and adults. Towering  high I looked up at professors and surgeons and within one year I spoke to them as if I had become one of them, although I worked approximately eighty hours a week. This friendly attitude I owe to my unbridled enthusiasm and an insatiable desire for knowledge, I think. And so I read about Koch, Jenner and Pasteur and studied animal techniques, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, surgery, biochemistry  and so on and I did basically anything I could get to meet the monomaniacal urge to explore.

Suddenly the criminal reality presented itself to me since I began to realize that the way doctors and scientists, in the early seventies, does not talk about patients as it needs to be. Especially the way in which animals are consumed and human beings, especially those who received an organ transplantation  are used, otherwise I cannot call it, appear to as a science fiction story. Then out of the blue I was confronted with a newspaper report on child abuse for human research in Australia:

Experiments with dubious vaccines
In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies, were used as guinea pigs to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis and herpes. This message is confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections.

In the largest experiment, 350 children, again children (eds.), aged between 3 and 36 months, are all injected with doses intended for adults. It was the idea this had the advantage that it became possible to test properly any responses. Such experiments were, according to Vaux, not isolated and were also not secret. They discussed these experiments just in medical journals and they fit within the then ethical standards. The Walter and Eliza Institute in Melbourne that the tests have performed, indicates that the orphanages after ‘vaccination’ were plagued by a variety of diseases. Many homes were run by the church and the management always worked along with the tests.

Those tests most likely have continued even after 1970, according to the book entitled Kalikineros: “Every Second Child” indicating that in 1974 a mysterious infant mortality among Aborigine children in Australia occurs. According to Doctor Archie Kalikerinos and his associate Glen Dettman it is noticeable that in the early seventies a marked increase in deaths occurs. In some areas of the Northern Territory there is 500 deaths per 1,000 babies. As a consequence of these findings, Kalikineros started an extensive investigation about the fact why or what causes the death of these tremendous amount of children.  His investigations showed that the children had died of an immunological toxic shock that was caused by the rapidly repeated vaccination of infants and babies including measles, polio or tuberculosis vaccinations. In many cases there was a fatal pneumonia which can be compared with pneumocistii carinii pneumonia PCP. Diseases that we currently qualify as opportunistic infections in AIDS patients.

Vaccinations cause AIDS
Not only the afore mentioned topics has triggered my interest in investigating the origin of AIDS but also the facts that vaccinations against  polio, smallpox, measles, tetanus which have caused leukemia and AIDS. Yet there are many publications of scientific evidence that this phenomenon is demonstrated, although this is also vehemently denied by vaccine producing doctors and laboratory scientists within the pharmaceutical industry. Of course they do otherwise they would admit that medical is to be held responsible for the deadly AIDS disease with at least an iatrogenic origin. In the next episode I will give you a revealing example from a secret publication of the pharmaceutical giant Upjohn.

Not only has science editor P. Wright of “The Times” in 1987 claimed that vaccines are the cause of AIDS. After just one year later notified Alan Cantwell  in his book published by  The Los Angeles Aries Rising Press that he had written a book titled “AIDS and the Doctors of Death, an inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS epidemic.” In his book he describes that U.S. scientists under former President Richard Nixon has been involved in the spread of germs through vaccination. Cantwell stated as follows:

“In my book I have collected thousands of scientific articles that deal with the onset of AIDS. And while that could have proved deadly vaccinations is the story of a decision by the then U.S. president Richard Nixon. This early in 1971 the U.S. Congress submitted one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive vaccination campaign, with the goal of finding a cure for leukemia, a disease that is caused by radiation. The radiation activates mycosis fungoïdes, and this virus is the precursor of the HIV virus (eds.). Nixon’s request was honored. In the same year in Uganda’s West Nile District, initiated by the United States, an extensive medical field research started. It was about 45,000 children each year after vaccination blood is taken to determine whether a relationship existed between an infection with the Epstein-Barr virus, also known as glandular fever or ‘kissing disease’, and the occurrence of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin cancer by the cytomegalovirus CMV, a herpes is caused. ” About this phenomenon I will present a complete article to the reader in one of the next episodes.

The evidence of Nixons’ criminal conduct was found in Stockholm and Freiburg
In 1984 a research group of W. Saxinger and his companions re-analyzed the Stockholm and the Freiburg stored frozen blood samples from the 45,000 Ugandan babies and young children. The result was dramatic and revealing. The study showed that within 21% of the collected blood samples from babies the retrovirus HTLV-1 showed up, which is an AIDS causing virus. The investigation of Saxinger revealed also that no less than 66% of the blood samples of children were infected with the AIDS virus.

And the World Health Organization was aware of those facts and watches the start of the eradication of Africa, where mostly black-skinned people become infected with aids-causing viruses, in an apathetic way.

…. To be continued ……