June 14: World Blood Donor Day

By Shout-Africa – World Blood Donor Day is an event officially designated by the World Health Assembly that is celebrated annually by the global community.

On this day, we recognize and thank the millions of people around the world who donate their blood on a voluntary, altruistic unpaid basis to help save the lives and improve the health of others. The day will encourage more people to become voluntary blood donors and will underline the importance of regular donation to prevent blood shortages. It will also demonstrate a renewed commitment by policy makers and health professionals to work towards making safe blood transfusion available for all patients who require it as part of their treatment.

Every year, a different country hosts World Blood Donor Day and showcases their unique culture. This year, Barcelona in Spain hosts this celebratory day with the theme: New Blood for the World. For those in Africa and the diaspora please let us know, what you will be doing on the 14th of June, so we can add it to our news hub.