Discussion: Why folks must give up their delusions of Superiority Part 1 of 6?


By Ozodi Thomas Osuji – When the First World War ended in 1918 and Germany was defeated her people felt terribly inferior Vis a Vis the victors. Germany until 1870 was fragmented; she was made up of a bunch of minor princedoms that were easy picking by their powerful neighbours, such as France and Austria. They did not unify hence did not have a strong nation-state and therefore lost out as other European nations acquired empires in the Americas, Africa and Asia. In 1870, Bismarck and his Prussia finally unified Germany and in 1884 demanded that other European nations give Germany some foreign lands. Tanganyika, Cameron, Togo, Namibia etc. were given to Germany. However, when the First World War ended in 1918 and she was defeated those lands were taken away from her and given to the victors. This and a host of other factors, such as the humiliating requirement that she pay financial reparations to the victors, apparently, contributed to Germans feeling inferior.

Germany’s Nazis leader, Adolf Hitler recognizing that his people feel inferior told them that they are supermen, and are superior to their neighbours. They bought that delusion hence rallied around him and embarked on the insane quest of conquering other people whom they considered inferior persons. Slavs (Polish, Russians etc.) were seen as sub-human beings and attacked and millions of them killed. Jews were killed for they were considered vermin. Blacks were considered less than chimpanzees and killed. All these were done by a people seeking to become superior persons.

Those who want to be superior to their neighbours often kill them.  In fact, much of the crimes against humanity were committed by those motivated by the delusion of superiority.

White racists believed themselves superior to black folks and on that basis enslaved blacks and to the present discriminate against them.

The point is that those who do not see their neighbours as their equals often harm them; they are therefore dangerous folks and must be healed of their delusion disorder, their belief in what is not true as true.

The truth is that all human beings, black and white, men and woman, child and adult are the same, and are equal. We may have individual differences, even different levels of intelligence but the fact remains that in essence we are the same; we are all children of one God, members of one family and must love and respect each other.

If we want peace and joy in our lives, we must treat all persons as our equals, love and respect them all.