South Africa: Wits Journalism invites you to a Seminar Mini-Series

Wits Journalism invites you to a Seminar Mini-Series:

Wednesday, 1 June:
Franz Kruger: News broadcasting on SA community radio
How well is community radio meeting the expectation that it should tell the local story? Kruger, Director of the Wits Radio Academy, presents new research findings

Wednesday, 8 June:
Markus Brauckmann: Web TV for Political Parties
Brauckmann managed Angela Merkel’s internet video re-election campaign in 2009

Wednesday, 15 June:
Lesley Cowling: In the Firing Line: Commentators in the media
The recent firing of columnist Kuli Roberts (and before her David Bullard) demonstrated that the media failed to recognise that they had crossed the line of what was publically acceptable. Media academic Cowling asks whether there is a need for an ethics of media debate.

10th Floor, University Corner
Wednesdays at 1.15pm