Public Perception Opens In Joburg


Andrew Robertson’s  poster exhibition, “Public Perception” opened at the Resolution Gallery in Parkwood last night.

Welcome to a world controlled by the media. Public figures manage themselves as brands. They play up to the images and react to the labels imposed upon them by the media.
Posters have always been one of the best ways to explore the status-quo in the political and social arena, even though advertising and propaganda were initially their main function.
Subconscious images in our minds of these public figures are based on preconceived ideas and perception. In this exhibition the artist, Andy Robertson, has taken the essence of these perceptions and defined his graphic style and the look of each poster. The artist has portrayed recognisable figures in various ways. Some of his posters will provide an obvious angle, others will oppose the commonly held opinion, but most importantly, he is offering the viewer to see with a fresh, open minded perspective, with an added humourous twist.
The posters are a stirical jab at controversial public figures such as ANC Youth League leader Julius ‘Juju’ Malema, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Democratic Alliance’s Hellen Zille, and South Africa’s Mister of Culture Ms Lulama Xingwana.
“Honestly speaking I dont personally know any of these people, my knowledge about them is what I read in the media,” Andy said in a conversation yesterday.
Commenting on Mandela’s poster, Andy said, “He inspired me to become a boxer when I first met him at the fire station where I used to work:”