Zimbabwe: Tuku Family Fights Over Use Of The Late Sam Mtukudzi’s Band Name

By Jere Khumalo – HARARE –  In a latest development to saga involving estate of the late musician, Sam Mtukudzi’s (deceased son to Zimbabwean popstar Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi) the Tuku family is said to have demand AY Band to stop using the name with immediate effect from yesterday.

The young promising Sam perished in a truck accident last year and left AY Band with no leadership.

In a special announcement at their Book Cafe gig in Harare last night, the formerly Sam Mtukudzi-led outfit said they were “sorry” they had to change the name AY Band but could not give explanations.

There was absence of the late Sam’s merchandise at the gig, although the band still played renditions of both Sam and Tuku’s hit tracks.

Sources close to both the Mtukudzi family and the band said the young musician were yesterday summoned to Norton by the late Sam’s family. It is believed a heated meeting ensued where they were told in clear terms never to use the name AY Band.

Contradictory reports suggest Tuku attended the meeting while other sources claim the ailing music superstar was absent at the meeting.

“This is our last show as AY Band, but we are going to remain together as a band. From today onwards we are now band Afro Blaze,” the band’s percussionist announced at the impressive gig that was attended by scores of emerging and established Zimbabwean musicians.

A young musician who refused to be named said he followed the events leading to the saddening events very closely. “I knew the late Sam so well. He held the band so tightly, but since his passing the family has been so ruthless in their dealing with the remaining members of AY Band.”

“Sam’s mother Daisy assumed control of the band while on the other hand his step sister Faith took control of the management irregardless of her limited skills.”

The artist further claimed that Faith at one time fired the bass guitarist and the lead guitarist who were the unifying forces of the band.

Ras Jabu a veteran reggae artist who also attended the Afro Blaze gig hailed the young musicians as extremely talented and holding a bright future.

“They can make it as Afro Blaze, all they need is to do a lot of promotions, ” said the British-born musician.

Dereck Majaivana, son to the US-based legendary Zimbabwean musician Lovemore Majaivana, who made a guest performance at the gig, said he was joining forces with Afro Blaze.

“We cant afford to destroy young talents, I am joining forces to support my fellow young musicians,” he said.