Zimbabwe: Family Voices invades SDA domain

By Nyasha Chingono – Bulawayo based outfit Family Voices has broken new ground by invading into a seemingly conquered music territory as it has almost become norm for the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church gospel ensembles to dominate acapella music in Zimbabwe.

Family Voices invades SDA domainInspired by Shower Power one of the oldest acapella groups from SDA, Family Voices is out to prove that they have learnt the art from their predecessors and can scale greater heights.

“For us nothing is impossible.We know that acapella music in Zimbabwe has been an SDA domain for many years,but we are here to present acapella in a unique way.

“We have managed to break into the industry because we bring in a different feel to acapella music,through producing a new sound,”Tinashe Chitsaka the Family Voices leader said.

Family Voices invades SDA domainFamily Voices is made up of Tinashe Chitsaka,Luke Kamanga, Ronald Sithole, Bobby James, Bazel Mafu and Brighton Ncube an all-male tradition which inherited from the previous generations.

Coming in as the third generation of the Family Voices with roots in the Family of God church, the group took over from Idols Africa stars, Eric Moyo and Mkhululi Bhebhe who run successful solo careers.

The little known gospel ensemble whose songs are inspired by the societal issues like children’s welfare and in the song I believe, the group encourages parents to value their children by taking time to teach them.

The winners of Bulawayo Has Got Talent, 2007 hogged the limelight at the 8th edition of the Intwasa Festival of Arts held last month with their powerful voices, blended with vibrant stage presence leaving the crowd begging for more when they churned out a rendition Vabati va Jehovah’s Anouya Chete.

“We have worked with Intwasa for the past two years and we have since created a strong bond.Working with Intwasa has helped us in marketing our music and getting exposure to the music world,” Chitsaka said.

“The feeling was great and we learnt a lot from interaction,sharing the stage with other artistes like Black Umfolosi,Willis Wataffi, Siyaya and Jeys Marabini. It’s a great achievement and we hope the string of good success will follow Intwasa,” he added.

Chitsaka said the group will launch their first ever acapella album expected to hit the shelves later this year, coupled by a string of shows to market the album.

“The upcoming album will be the first ever for the Family Voices and it is a milestone. We will do a tour with album all over the country for marketing purposes and to tell people that Bulawayo has got talent and much to offer. So I urge our fans to support us as one of their own,”Chitsaka said.