Hollywood touch ‘Sinking Sand’ set to storm Ghana

By Peterking Quaye – ‘Sinking Sand’ is a psychological drama that exposes the abuse of women in societies today, and is being told with the intention of creating awareness about the continuous existence of abuse in today’s households. With reflection and flashback of a love story between two people and how things started from sweet love  to a bitter climax filled with romance and lessons .

Leila DjansiThe storyline  touches on two lovebirds, Jimah (Jimmy) and Pabi (Ama K Abrebese), a match made in heaven, until a fatal accident turns Jimah into a monster. Endless days of wife battery become a part of their relationship. Pabi has a chance to flee but her guilt makes her stay, hoping and praying that Jimah will change and life will go back to normal.

Her fear of living alone without a family is a weakness Jimah knows she has and he makes every effort to capitalize on it. But how long will Pabi endure? At what cost will she buy her freedom?

Sinking Sands, according to the Director net budget stands at the moment US$1.5 million dollars, seen as and will be recorded as one of the most adventurous productions to hit the Ghanaian shores .

In a Question &Answer section the Director Leila Djansi said “I know I am not going to make that money in Ghana…I am not worried about it. Luckily for me, for this production, I had a lot of backing; I had an investor who said he wants to see that something good happen to the industry,” she said.

She revealed that she’s got more than eight studios bidding for the movie and it has been invited to several film festivals.“The good thing about the United States market is if I shoot for US$1.5 million by law, you are not allowed to bid lower than US$1.5 million to buy it from me,” she said.

The movie stares Haitian-American movie star, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Ama K Abebrese, the movie also stars Yemi Blaq, Doris Sakitey, Akosua Agyepong, Chris Attoh and Trustina Aku Fafa.

‘Sinking Sands’ is a psychological drama about a couple, Jimah (Jean-Louis) and Pabi (Ama K. Abebrese) in a loving marriage which turns into one of violence and abuse when Jimah becomes disfigured in a domestic accident.

The model-turned-actor, Jimmy earlier comment upon arrival in Ghana for the project in May this year , “I joined the ‘Sinking Sand’ project because I liked the story, it is a beautiful and well written story worth telling”, commented Jimmy., I am expecting a great experience in filming in Ghana, meeting the people and seeing the wonderful places in Ghana he intimated .

According to my research Jimmy Jean-Louis has had a successful career as an international model and actor. Early in his career he honed his acting skills in a number of independent films, which led to him landing a supporting role in Jean Claude Van Damme’s “Derailed” which set the stage for subsequent roles with other Hollywood notables. He went on to secure major roles in movies such as: “Tears of the Sun”, “Hollywood Homicide”, “Monster-in-law” and “The Game of Our Lives”. He played the lead role in “Phat Girlz”, starring opposite Academy Award winner Mo’Nique as her love interest.

Currently playing The Haitian on NBC’s “Heroes,” Jean-Louis is also the founder of Hollywood Unites for Haiti, a nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing and educating underprivileged youth of Haiti to the arts and sports, and is concentrating his efforts on Haiti after the devastating earthquakes. His role in supporting the people of Haiti after the tragic event has been well recognized with several honours including one at the White House recently.

Also  appearing for the first is Akosua  Agyepong ,one of Ghana’s leading female musician ,she plays the role of Mama may, a tuberculosis stricken foster mother of the main character Pabi Adulai. Akosuas’ real life of caring clearly mirrors the foster mother role she plays in the film. She is extremely pivotal in the life of the orphaned Pabi, played by Ama k Abebrese.

Sinking Sands is Akosuas first movie and do we hope to see more from her? Her versatility is proven beyond all reasonable doubt as she transforms from Madam Akosua Agyepong to Mama May in the much anticipated movie.

Sinking Sand: a personal story

The story according to Leila, was born out of her personal experience. “My own personal story; I had an accident when I was ten and I had a scar on my shoulder. It was hard for me fitting into friends…it gave me an inferiority complex but down the line, I grew out of it,” she said.

The story delves extensively into the abuses some people especially women go through in their marriages and as per the title, Sinking Sands, one may not know how situations can be hindering or affecting them badly.

With its quality production; pictures/scenes, sounds, camera works, make-up, directing and casts, the movie has set its sights on laying a strong foundation for the movie industry and also helping Ghanaian movies cement their name internationally.

Sinking Sand maybe her first solo project but has had  sting with the Ghanaian movie industry where she was totally over shadowed ,it will be recalled ,one time controversial movie of the year director’s first  Ghanaian production, with Akofa Adjani Asiedu, “I sing of a Well” which received 11 nominations at the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMMA).

The Grand premiering is slated for the National Theatre on November 13.

Pic: Leila Djansi