Ghana: Has the Holy Ghost arrested Irene Logan?

By Peterking Quaye – One of Ghana’s youngest, silkiest voice and award winning artiste -Irene Logan has had a fair share of what many will see is as a divine switch in her music talent.

Award winning artiste Irene Logan

Award winning artiste Irene Logan

Reliable sources close to has it that the Ghanaian Afro-pop/R&B singer and winner of the first Stars of the Future singing contest, Irene Logan has become ‘born-again’ and will make a shocking switch to a strictly gospel and motivational music trail very soon.

Liberian born Ghanaian gave a full account of what necessitated her re-direction in life at a concert on Sunday, October 16. A sources close to Irene Logan has hinted: “You should expect that Irene will still be in music and produce better music than she is noted for, however, she wants to be a positive model for her generation and as such the content of her music and all that will come with it will be very positive and devoid of anything that might have negative impact on people. She will do very positive music which will include gospel and motivational music and when inspired by God, will churn out love songs but love songs with a difference.”

Irene Logan, a onetime artiste on the Lynx Entertainment, left in 2010 after some disagreements with her career direction and has since been recording her debut album. While Jamaican gospel singer, Chevelle Franklyn was in Ghana, Irene met with her in her hotel suite for hours seeking guidance since Chevelle had gone through the same experience that Irene is now going through. Chevelle Franklyn made a sensational shift at the peak of her dancehall career to become born-again and then a minister of the gospel through music after declaring her shift on stage during a grand dancehall concert while on a lucrative tour.