Zambia: “Media reports impact on attracting investors”

Business Writer – Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) President Dr. Evelyn Nguleka has said the media is “duty-bound to” play a critical role of marketing the country a bid to secure reliable and long term investors.

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) President Dr. Evelyn Nguleka Dr. Nguleka, told Business Mail on the sidelines of the recently held Agritech 2015 Expo at Golden Valley Agriculture Research Trust (GART) in Chisamba some 97 kilometres of Lusaka said that the country has potential to attracts large investments should stakeholders across the floor priorities putting first the country’s image and the need to improve economically.

“We all have a role in what we do,” she said.

“What the media reports has a critical impact on the decisions of the investors. Zambia is well position economical but then there is need for the media to understand the need to compliment such a privilege for us to spur a radical economic growth,” added Dr. Nguleka.

Zambia has over the past years held several “top notch” conferences under different various inviting themes but all has gone in vain with most failing to translate into meaning full investments.

“Well l attribute to many past experience, the country could by now have gone miles ahead should the media having been rally behind corporate sector’s efforts to promote the needy to bring investors in the country. A lot is being done in creating an attractive environment.

“To some extent we should also work on strategising to model an effective method to clearly understand where we need to improve our efforts in lobbying for strong partnership in attracting investors,” added Dr. Nguleka.

ZNFU in partnership with GART and Spintelligent Private Limited, an integrated media company and events management specialist are making strides in building what has emerged as one of the country’s premier agricultural showcasing event under the auspices of Agritech Expo Zambia.

The event this year recorded a radical growth with at more than a hundred local and international exhibitors from United States (US) United Kingdom (UK) Egypt South Africa and Rwanda among the countries that participated in this year edition. To complete the captivating three day showcase, the organizers added a supplementary and comprehensive tailor-made fifty educational events which attracted close to ten thousand farming specialist and hundreds of people from the general public.