Ghana: Indian based Credent Organics introduce innovative bio technology

A leading Indian organic agricultural input manufacturer is exploring the Ghanaian market as a gateway to reaching the entire African continent.

DCE for Afigya Kwabre, Kaakyire Oppong Kyekyeku in a handshake with Papil Kumar

DCE for Afigya Kwabre, Kaakyire Oppong Kyekyeku in a handshake with Papil Kumar

Credent Organics is the only company in the world which produces liquid organic fertilizer and other inputs. The company hopes to assist Ghanaian farmers increase production and reduce the health risk associated with chemical fertilizers.

Officials of the company are currently in Ghana to introduce local farmers to its range of zero residue products for agricultural sustainability and environmental impact reduction.

The Credent Organics delegation is in the country at the invitation of the Afigya Kwabre District Assembly in the Ashanti Region.

The company has agreed to establish a manufacturing plant in the district to serve the entire West African sub region. The Indian firm will begin training of agric extension officers and local farmers on best organic farming practices.

Experts say the use of organic inputs such as weedicides; herbicides and fertilizers among others has the potential to impact positively on human life and the environment.

Vice President of Credent Organics, Papil Kumar believes continued dependence on chemical inputs by Ghanaian farmers puts consumers at risk besides the negative environmental impact.

‘‘The farmer is producing the crop with chemical fertilizer, and chemical fertilizer you can say in another language as slow poison. The produce we are eating is filled with poison which comes to our bodies’ he said.

Mr. Kumar Papil believes the time is ripe for Ghanaian farmers to be conscientized and educated on the need to shift their attention to organic farming.

‘The time is now to get rid of chemical fertilizers, we want farmers of Ghana to also get into organic farming instead of chemical fertilizers.’’

According to him, organic farming is not new, but olden day’s agric practice which with the help of technology has been modernized to help farmers’ world over to increase production and also produce save produce.

‘Organic farming is not new process, we were already into this but farmers forgot. Chemical fertilizer is harming our health but organic farming is enhancing our health, he explained.

Training for farmers and agric extension officers in the Kwabre-Afigya District is scheduled this week and they will be educated on modern methods of organic farming and its significance on agriculture.

International Relations Officer, Ravindra Prassad Tiwari, urges the Ghanaian media to increase awareness on organic farm produce.

According to him, it is only when the media leads the crusade that farmers will realize the need to venture into organic farming.
Meanwhile, the District Chief Executive for Afigya Kwabre is already counting the benefits of the visit.

Kaakyire Oppong Kyekyeku says it will afford farmers the opportunity to increase production.

Story by: Ohemeng Tawiah/Nhyira fm, Kumasi/Ghana